The Gorby Family

History and Genealogy
Descendants of Samuel Gorby - b ca1700

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Graydon Gorby
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GORBYWEB Project Version 9
Gedcom last updated August 29, 1999
Web Site last updated August 26, 2001

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Copyright Notice!

Much of the information contained on this web site and in the downloadable GEDCOM file is from the book, "The Gorby Family, History and Genealogy" published by Alva Gorby in 1936, then updated, reprinted and copyrighted in 1979 and 1980 by Melba Gorby Beard.
The information contained on these pages and in the downloadable GEDCOM file have been copyrighted, not for personal reasons, as Melba Gorby Beard stated in the preface to her 1980 Edition, but because she believed "our family should have at least this much protection against a take-over of our history by commercial interests outside our family."
No portion of this GEDCOM may be uploaded or transmitted to any commercial genealogical service or to anyone who would supply this information to others for a fee.

The background that appears on this page and on other pages of the website is a collage made from family photos send in to the website. All of these individuals are ancestors of Gorbys living today.

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About this Web Site

This web site is dedicated to Alva Gorby and to Melba Gorby Beard for the work and effort required in publishing the original and updated versions The Gorby Family book.

The information on these pages was entered using Family Tree Maker of Windows v5.0a. This information was then converted to a GEDCOM file, run through a complex Wordperfect v8.0 for Windows macros to improve GEDCOM compatibility, then imported into Ultimate Family Tree v2.8. In about an one hour, Ultimate Family Tree then generates the 1950+ web pages on the site - over120000 lines of html code!

It was almost three years ago (January of 1997 to be exact) that I realized how important a document like the Gorby Family Book was to people intested in genealogy. I ran into Bill Cunningham (on the 'net) who runs the Wetzel Co, VW genealogy page. He had info on a Gorby from there, and I compared it to what was in Alva Gorby's book, and offered him more info than he had. He was excited to learn about the Gorby Book and wanted a copy. Copies were not available, so this web site became my alternative to the printed word.

Will I be putting out an Official Gorby Book? Not a chance! I am willing to leave that to others who wish to go to the time and expense, and who like having hundreds of books stacked in their dining rooms ready to be mailed. I am a child of "The Electronic Information Age". Just try nailing me down on paper! We are looking into the possibility of "burning" a copy of the website onto cd-rom, but there has not yet been a demand. Most folks are mainly interested in their branch of the family. The rest do GEDCOMs.

I have been joined in this project by Terry Lee Gorby who was instrumental in getting the Gorby War Records page up and running in record time. Terry is now in charge of the Canadian-Irish Gorbys Web Site. Terry describes his father, Richard Nelson Gorby as a 'veritable Gorby encyclopedia', and his daughter was instrumental in getting him involved in Gorby genealogy.

Again, much of the information contained on this web site is from the 1936 and 1978-80 editions of The Gorby Family book. Much of the information contained in the original was anecdotal, without being checked at the source. Sources were, family bibles, old letters, some census and courthouse records, but mainly from family members. In addition, it has been transcribed multiple times and that also has allowed some errors to creep in. Additionally, Melba Gorby Beard had the unfortunate tendency to transpose digits within dates (i.e., 1841 instead of 1814).

Until the web page opened up, there had been no real way for the "armchair genealogist family member" to update or correct the work done by Alva Gorby back in the 1930s or by Melba Gorby Beard in the 1970s (although those who take genealogy seriously have many other avenues to follow). "Hey, Mabel! Who'd we mail those Family Sheets to last year? Someone else has sent us a batch to fill out!"

Be Aware! that the majority if this information remains anecdotal! While every effort is taken to transcribe names and dates correctly, we don't transcribe professionally. We notate from Whom we get the data but do not verify it's accuracy except in relation to what is received by other contributors. Please! use this information Only as a Starting Point for Actual Research!

Text information taken verbatim from Alva Gorby's 1936 edition of The Gorby Family is prefaced with (1936). That taken from Melba Gorby Beard's 1978-80 versions is prefaced with (1978). Information prefaced with other dates come from other sources.
Those entries which specify "names not listed here" are due to those names not being known at time of publication.


If you are aware of any errors on these pages, please notify me at
GEDCOMs containing Gorby Family information may also be submitted to this e-mail address. It is my intention to update this site at least once every two months.

Thanks for "surfin' in".
Graydon William Gorby, Gorby Family Webmaster, 11th generation.
Terry Lee Gorby, Gorby Family Webassistant, 9th generation.

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 A zipped GEDCOM file is available for this family history. 10367 individuals, 2077 Surnames, 2.2MB (502K zipped)  08/29/99
If you are a Family Tree for Windows user, or an Ultimate Family Tree user and you would like to receive a file native to those formats, please e-mail us and we will arrange it for you.

 Submission instuctions for addition to (or correction of) the Gorby Family Web Site.  11/19/97

 Where you can get a copy of the book, "The Gorby Family, History and Genealogy" published by Alva Gorby in 1936. 04/08/99

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Special Treat!

Photos from the Casey Family Reunion in Claymont, DE. 11/28/99

The Caseys are descendant from Lenah Gorby Pierce and Jim & Linda Rambo live in the house identified by Alva Gorby in her 1936 book as the "Old Joseph Gorby Homestead". For their Reunion in October 1999, they visited several historic places which included Old Swede's Church and the cemetery where Lenah and her husband are buried.

They sent us 83 pictures from their reunion to share. You can find them here:
Casey 1999 Reunion Photos.

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Reunion Update

From Gay Gorby Blake:
The 90th annual Gorby Reunion held in Moundsville, W.V. this past Saturday (August 11, 2001) was just great. We had guests traveling in from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas for their first visit to the family gathering. Others came long distances to join us for the second year.The weather was beautiful, attendance was very good and the company was terrific. We had a pleasant surprise mid-afternoon, an elderly cousin arrived to see who he could find "to talk to". He is a cousin of my deceased father and I remember his parents . They were very elderly when I was a young child. Cousin Glen Crane answered many questions asked by others there. He was a most welcome guest. He is 87 years old and has a sharp memory.

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803 Surnames now used by Gorby Descendants


Adam, Addis, Alexander, Allen, Alley, Almay, Althouse, Altieri, Anderson, Anderson/Palmer, Andrews, Angle, Anglin, Anguish, Anson, Apger, Archer, Arent, Armageer, Armstrong, Arrington, Arthur, Ashley, Atkins, Auer

Badgett, Bailey, Baker, Bakies, Baltputnis, Bame, Banicki, Banks, Bardwell, Barker, Barnes, Barnhouse, Barr, Barry, Barth, Bassett, Batts, Beach, Beard, Beckett, Bedford, Bedinger, Beeler, Beight, Bellard, Bellsky, Bennet, Bennett, Berger, Berrios, Best, Betts, Bigger, Billingsley, Binkowski, Birch, Bird, Bishop, Bissett, Black, Blackburn, Blackwood, Blake, Blanche, Blazier, Blessing, Blount, Blower, Bobletz, Bodine, Bollotte, Bolz, Bonar, Boone, Boord, Booth, Boutwell, Bower, Bowles, Bowman, Bowsersox, Bradford, Bradley, Braford, Bragg, Brewer, Britten, Brooks, Brown, Brownfield, Brunsven, Bucher, Buchmann, Bucker, Burge, Burley, Burnette, Burt, Bush, Busse, Butler, Buzzard, Buzzell, Byrne

Caffall, Callahan, Calvert, Camargo, Camel, Campbell, Capel, Capenos, Capra, Carmichael, Carney, Carol, Carroll, Carter, Carver, Casey, Castellon, Cavander, Cawthorn, Cecil, Chambers, Champion, Chaplow, Chase, Childress, Chopp, Choquette, Christine, Chunn, Ciapala, Clark, Clase, Claus, Clemens, Cless, Cline, Clouston, Coakley, Cochran, Cody, Coffey, Coffin, Coghlan, Coler, Collins, Conaway, Congleton, Conly, Conner, Connor, Conrad, Conway, Cook, Cooper, Cotner, Cotton, Counts, Cox, Crabbe, Crane, Craven, Crawford, Crimm, Crimmel, Croff, Crosby, Cross, Croswell, Crumbaugh, Culley, Cullison, Cummins, Cunningham, Cupp, CuppConner, Curcio, Curry, Curtis, Cutlip, Cutter, Cyprowski

Dahma, Dakan, Danford, Daniels, Daugherty, David, Davidson, Davis, Day, Daymon, De Pue, Delander, DeMain, Deming, Dempsey, Deshullo, Devolld, DeWese, Dickenson, Dieripple, Dilbeck, Dillie, Dilling, Dillon, Dinnell, Dmytrus, Dodds, Dodson, Dolan, Dominic, Donaghy, Dorsey, Dotson, Douglas, Drew, Duffield, Duffy, DuHamel, Dunn, Durig, Dutt, Dye, Dyke, Dylan

Early, Eaton, Ebbrecht, Echols, Edgar, Edmonds, Edmundson, Edsall, Eisenacher, Elam, Elizabeth, Emery, Engle, Estabrooks, Estep, Evans, Ewing, Extrom

Factor, Farless, Farrar, Farrel, Faust, Feezle, Ferrall, Ferris, Fershone, Fine, Finley, Finn, Fish, Fisher, Fitch, Flemming, Fletcher, Fluharty, Fogel, Foley, Foreman, Forester, Foster, Founds, Foust, Fowler, Fox, Frankland, Frankle, Franklin, Frazier, Freeman, Freer, Freet, Friberg, Friedl, Frye, Furbee, Furby

Galbraith, Gamble, Garrett, Gates, Gatts, Geho, Gell, George, Georgetti, Gernett, Gesler, Giblin, Giles, Gilmore, Goddard, Goetell, Gorby, Gorby-Parsell, Gorman, Gorrell, Graham, Grandy, Grauley, Gray, Greathouse, Green, Greenbank, Greenlee, Greer, Gregg, Gregor, Gregory, Griffith, Grimes, Groover, Guilbert, Gusty

Hackathorn, Haines, Hall, Hallett, Ham, Hamilton, Hampton, Hancock, Hanna, Hannay, Harding, Hardman, Hardy, Harlan, Harmon, Harpe, Harps, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hartley, Hartman, Harvey, Hatfield, Hauger, Hause, Hawk, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hazen, Headley, Heiam, Heinrichs, Helsel, Henderson, Henricks, Henry, Herschell, Hess, Hetreck, Heuke, Hicks, Hieronimus, Higgins, Higginson, Hill, Hilton, Hint, Hintz, Hirosky, Hissum, Hist, Hoch, Hoff, Hoffman, Hoge, Hogue, Holbert, Holiday, Holmes, Hood, Hornby, Horton, Hoskinson, Hostetter, Hough, Houk, Hower, Hubbard, Hudon, Huff, Hughey, Hukill, Hull, Hulton, Humphreys, Hurd, Husk, Husselton, Huston, Hutchinson, Hutson

Iacono, Iams, Ice, Iery, Ingram, Ingran

Jackson, Jacobs, Jean, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jornlin, Judge, Justison, Jutte

Kaiser, Kaminski, Karam, Kasserman, Keefe, Kelley, Kelly, Kemp, Kesler, Kiehl, Kilcoyne, King, Kinney, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kleear, Kline, Knight, Knox, Koerner, Krauth, Kristofek, Krupicka, Kunkel, Kunselman

Ladd, Lambright, Lancaster, Landman, Laugherty, Laughlin, Lauther, Lavelle, Lawler, Laws, Layfield, Leach, Leasure, Lee, Leffel, Lemasters, Lemley, Lemly, Lemon, Lewis, Liberatore, Lichtenstein, Lincicome, Lindsay, Lint, Lipovich, Llewellyn, Logan, Lohr, London, Long, Lowry, Lucy, Ludlow, Ludwig

Mackall, Mahon, Mahoney, Maiello, Manciu, Mandich, Manker, Mankin, Manley, Mann, Mansperger, Marquis, Marshall, Martin, Martinez, Mason, Masters, Matheny, Mathon, Matthews, McAllister, McAnbridge, McAuley, McCandless, McCann, McCardle, McColloch, McCoy, McCready, McCubbins, McCullough, McCurry, McDonald, McEwen, McFarland, McGhee, McGilton, McGowan, McHenry, McHugh, McKimmie, McKinney, McKnight, McWhorter, Meacham, Medley, Meek, Melott, Miles, Miller, Milliken, Mills, Milton, Mitchell, Moates, Modes, Monroe, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moreland, Motter, Mundt, Murphy, Myers

Nall, Naquin, Neal, Neely, Negley, Nelson, Nespeca, Nester, Newell, Newman, Nicholson, Niemann, Niggebrugge, Niles, Nolan, Norton, Null

O'Conner, Oler, Oneacre, Ortiz, Overly, Overmyer, Owens

Painter, Palmer, Panesi, Parriott, Parsons, Pasterchalk, Pate, Patterson, Pearce, Penoyar, Perine, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Peters, Petitte, Pettit, Phillips, Pierce, Pierson, Pizza, Plank, Polson, Porter, Ports, Posey, Post, Postlethwaite, Pottle, Potts, Powell, Prall, Pratt, Press, Price, Pugh, Pustejovsky

Queen, Quillen

Rader, Rae, Raiguel, Raish, Rambo, Ramirez, Rankin, Rathbone, Ratliff, Rawson, Ray, Rayle, Raymond, Reall, Reed, Reeser, Reidy, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richey, Richman, Richmond, Rickard, Rickle, Riggs, Riley, Rine, Ringlesbach, Riter, Robinson, Roby, Rodriguez, Rogers, Rohm, Roose, Root, Rosenberger, Ross, Roupe, Rourke, Rousabaum, Rowland, Rowley, Ruble, Ruffalo, Rupe, Rush, Ryan

Sakerka, Salonica, Sampson, Scapel, Scarberry, Schenk, Schramm, Schriver, Schwartzwalder, Scott, Sears, Seidner, Seiple, Selby, Sensky, Sewell, Shaner, Shannon, Shaw, Shepherd, Shiltz, Shirley, Shollenbarger, Shoup, Shuman, Shurtliffe, Sibert, Silvis, Simental, Simison, Simmons, Simon, Simson, Sipe, Slawinski, Smart, Smiley, Smith, Snider, Snodgrass, Snyder, Sollars, South, Sovinski, Spaath, Spiker, Springer, Sprink, Sprowls, St John, Staab, Stallman, Stallsmith, Standiford, Stanley, Starkey, Starliper, Steele, Steinport, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stidham, Stiles, Stinebeck, Stockham, Stonerock, Stout, Stovick, Stradley, Straight, Sullivan, Summers, Surrels, Sutterfield, Swearingen, Swift, Swiger, Swinehart

Tabasso, Taflinger, Talley, Tappan, Taylor, Tedrow, Teer, Tharpe, Theobald, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tiber, Tidd, Tomlinson, Toy, Trayntor, Trent, Trickey, Triplehorn, Truong, Tupponse

Uhlman, Underwood

Van Smith, Vaughn, Verner, Vincent

Wadkins, Wagner, Walker, Walls, Walter, Ward, Warner, Washburn, Watt, Weaver, Weber, Weekley, Weese, Weir, Welch, Wellington, Wells, Wendell, Wescott, Wessels, West, Westcott, Whetzel, Whisler, White, Whiteman, Whitty, Wilcox, Wiley, Williams, Willsey, Wilson, Wingard, Wingrove, Wirght, Wise, Wiseman, Witchered, Wolfe, Wood, Woodard, Woodburn, Woodyard, Wright

Yeager, Yeater, York, Youder, Young

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