Gorby Place Names in the US

 In the 1936 edition of The Gorby Family, History and Genealogy, Alva Gorby describes the town of Gorby, OH thusly:

"The town of Gorby. How many of you know, that on what was known as The Ohio River and Western Railway Co, an old narrow guage line, there is the little town of Gorby in Noble Co, OH, between Hiramsburg and Belle Valley?"

I searched through existing Ohio atlases, and also through the US Geological Survey National Mapping Information, and could find no evidence of this "town". I did, however, find another town of Gorby, as well as four other Gorby place names recognized by the US Geological Survey. These are listed below.

Finally, I found a reference to it in an 1895 US Atlas originally printed and copywritten in 1895 by the Rand McNally Corporation, called "The New 11 x 14 Atlas of the World". Gorby did not appear on the map of Ohio, but was included in the index. Name: Gorby, County: Noble, Railroad: Yes.

The map also showed a raiload, the BZ & C running between Hiramsburg and Belle Valley. I sent a copy of this map to the Railroad Historical Research Resource Center in Muncy, PA.

This is what I got back from Thomas T Tabor, Administrator:
The Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati RR dates back to the 1880s. In 1903 it became the Ohio River & Western RR. On the 1893 & 1916 timetables, they did not show the town of Gorby between Hiramsburg & Bellevalley which are about 3 miles apart. The railroad was torn up in 1931. The 1916 Official Guide to RY Guide lists Gorby in it's index on the OR&W, but it is not on the railroad's timetable.

From my own experience of research I suspect that the "town" of Gorby was actually a dirt cross road on the railroad with two or three houses within eye distance of which one or more was owned by a Gorby. This would have been a flag stop. There might have been a General Store - probably run by a Gorby.

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The Town of Gorby, Izard Co, Arkansas

 The Town of Gorby, AR, is located about four miles southeast of the town of Calico Rock, near the northern edge of the Ozark National Park. Izard County borders on Missouri to the north. To get to Gorby, AR, you head out of Calico Rock toward the town of Creswell, but turn left onto Garby Road (possibly a corruption of Gorby) about a mile before you get to Creswell. Gorby, AR

The Gorby Ranch Airport, near Alamogodo, New Mexico

 The Gorby Ranch Airport is located about five miles northwest of Alamogodo, NM in Ontero Co. Just to the west of it lies the military area surrounding Holloman AFB. Gorby Ranch Airport

Gorby Run, Washington Co, Pennsylvania

 Gorby Run in Washington Co, PA is a stream located within the borders of the town of California, PA. Gorby Run, PA

Gorby Run, Doddridge Co, West Virginia

 Gorby Run in Doddridge Co, WV is a stream located about three miles north of the town of West Union, WV. It has also been known as Broth Run. Gorby Run, WV

The Gorby School (Historical), Marshall Co, West Virginia

 As it is known as a Historical feature by the US Geological Survey, that means the Gorby School no longer exists. It was founded in 1923, and was located about seven miles southeast of Moundsville, WV. Gorby School, WV

Gorby Road, Negley, Ohio and "Gorbytown"

 Note: The following link attaches you to Mapquest Interactive Atlas, a copyrighted service allowing internet users the ability to search for businesses and geographic features, creating a custom map in the process, plus other search features.

Map to Gorby Road. Negley, OH is on the bottom at the intersection of Rt 170 and Rt 154. Gorby Rd is off of Carbon Hill Rd. At the end of Gorby Rd is Gorby Lake. No longer in operation, but used to be a place known for local fishing. This area of Columbiana Co, OH has had so many Gorbys living in it that locally it is known as "Gorbytown".

Gorby Addition, Reader, WV

 From Steven C Highley, a visitor to our web site comes this information:
I grew up in Reader, WV in an area referred to locally as the "Gorby Addition". It is just off Route 20 behind the Reader volunteer fire department.

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