The Gorby Family - Source Reference Page

 Text information taken verbatim from Alva Gorby's 1936 edition of The Gorby Family is prefaced with (1936). That taken from Melba Gorby Beard's 1978-80 versions is prefaced with (1978). Information prefaced with other dates come from other sources.

 Beginning with this web site:
Since much of the information submitted to the web site is anecdotal, sources are attached to the GEDCOM files (and the web page) with an indication of from whom or from where the information about individuals was obtained in the following formats:
"Ref: XXX9" where XXX indicates the initials of the person who submitted the information and 9 is a numeric indicator in case multiple people with the same intitials submit information.
"Ref: BK99" where BK indicates a published book or other resource material and 99 is a numeric indicator as to which book listed on the source page contains the information.
"Ref: CEN9999" when CEN indicates information was extracted from the US Federal Census and 9999 indicates the year of the Census.

Beginning in January, 1998. Information continues to come in at a rapid pace. We have added the notation "MM.DD.YY" to the person references to indicate when the information was entered into the database.

Note: A single individual on the web site or in the GEDCOM can be referenced by multiple sources and can contain conflicting information relating to those sources.

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The Gorby Family Sources

Without Whom this Project Could Not Succeed

ACB1 - Anna Casey Banks, 6th generation, info from a family tree she created
ACR1 - Amanda Cowan Roberts, Northfield, MN, Stilley Family researcher
ADE1 - Augusta D Eller, St Clair Shores, MI (from World Family Tree, Vol 7)
AG1 - Alma Greenwood, Anderson Island, WA (from a gedcom posted to Kindred Connections)
AH1 - Anna Hoskinson, Amanda Gorby descendant
AOL1 - Alberta O Lankford, 7th generation
ARG1 - Alice (Robinson) Gorby, 7th generation
AYS1 - Ann Y Sears, Tacoma, WA (from a gedcom posted to

BBG1 - Barbara (Brooks) Gorby & Sally (Norris) Gorby, 9th & 10th generation
BDG1 - Brian David Gorby, 8th generatiion
BG1 - Bryan Gorby, 9th generation
BGP1 - Becky Gorby Payne, Henry Gorby of Marshall Co, WV descendant
BK04 - Book, The Gorby Family, The Francis Marion Gorby Clan, by Sandra Kay Arent and
Donna Faye Arent, daughters of Goldie Gorby and Harry Gorby, Washington, PA 1977 and 1986
BK05 - Book, The Reuter/Riter Family of Germany & Wetzel Co, VA/WV, by Virginia Lee Simms Toney, p. Houston, TX, 1988
BK06 - Book, The Prall Family, by Richard Dwight Prall. BK07 - Book, The Zehrbach, Zearbaugh, Cearbaugh Family History, by Clerice Joy Zehrbach Fisher, 1994
BK08 - Book, Cemeteries in Chautauqua County, KS, Compiled by Herman Guy, P.O. Box 852, Coffeyville, Kansas 67337, 1989. Copyright holder and publisher is the Montgomery County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 444, Coffeyville, KS
BK09 - Book, History of Chautauqua County, Vol I, Compiled by the Chautauqua County Heritage Association, copyright Curtis Media Corporation, 1987 - ISBN:0-88107-097-1
BK10 - History of the State of Nebraska, first published in 1882 by The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas, Proprietor, Chicago, IL.
BK11 - Columbiana Co, OH, Cemetery Incriptions, Volumes 1-16
BK12 - The History of Marshall County, WV , by Scott Powell, 1925
BK13 - Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keeth Families in North America, Laurence A Keith, editor, 1997
BK14 - The Roush Family, by Rev. Lester LeRoy Raush
BK15 - Neighbors of the Wilmington-Great Valley Turnpike, by Barbara McEwing
BK16 - The Doane, Emmons, Lindner, Roney, and Stout families, compiled by Robert Harold Lindner, p. Empire, MI, c1986
BK17 - The Stevens Tree: a History of Obediah Stevens and Decendents, by Joe M. Clark, Jr., p.Marceline, Mo. : Walsworth Pub. Co., c1982
BK18 - Hardesty's History of West Virginia, 1883
BK19 - Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Nebraska, Alden Publishing Co, Chicago, IL, 1912
BK20 - Marshall Co WV Index of Birth Records, FHC Film #0853794
BK21 - Tombstone Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Hancock Co, OH, Volume 4, by DAR, Ft Findlay Chapter, Findlay, OH, 1957
BLC1 - Billy L Cunningham, Pine Grove, WV, West Family researcher
BP1 - Beth Pettit, 8th generation
BRR1 - Bonnie Richmond Renzella, 8th generation
BSH1 - Bonnie Shanklin Huser
BWA1 - Betty Westcott Acker, 8th generation

CB1 - Carla Braceland, John Edward Gorby descendant
CCG1 - Craig Calvin Gorby, 8th generation
CCP1 - Clair Counts Pruitt, 9th generation
CFG1 - Charles Frederick Gorby, 10th generation
CHM1 - Carol Hicks McKellep, 9th generation
CJT1 - Clair John 'Bill' Thompson, Sr, Linton Family researcher
CM1 - Curt Malone, 7th generation
CMG1 - Charles Milan Gorby, Jr, 9th generation
CMW1 - Clifford Marshall West, 8th generation
CNT1 - Carol Neely Toole, Neely family researcher
CRT1 - Carolyn Rader Taflinger, 9th generation
CZF1 - Clerice Joy Zehrbach Fisher, information not published in BK07 listed above

DAL1 - David A Leas, Leas Family researcher
DAS1 - David Arne Sisson, Sisson Family researcher
DBG1 - Danica Barger Gorby, 8th generation
DCG1 - Darrel Clinton Gorby, 6th generation
DE1 - David and Janette Edwards, Wooster, OH (from a gedcom posted to Kindred Connections)
DEG1 - Douglas Earl Gorby, 9th generation
DEH1 - Dawn Elizabeth Hurd, 9th generation
DEJ1 - Dianne E Janis, Flat Rock, NC
DEN1 - Daniel Eugene Newell, 9th generation
DEN2 - David E Noble, submitted to LDS Microfilm #AF91-104919
DG1 - Dave Gorby, 8th generation
DGR1 - Donna Gorby Rosencrance, 8th generation
DH1 - Dick Henthorn, Rine Family researcher
DKB1 - David K Burley, Burley Family researcher
DKG1 - Duane Keith Gorby, 10th generation
DLE1 - Daniel L Emmorey, Emmorey Family researcher
DLG1 - Danny Lee Gorby, 8th generation
DM1 - Don Mosemann, 9th generation
DS1 - David Stiddem, Stiddem/Stidham/Stedham family researcher

ECR1 - Ellen Cannon Reed & Christopher Roland Reed, 9th generation
EBW1 - Elizabeth (Boone) White, 7th generation
EWG1 - Earl Wilbert Gorby, 8th generation

FB1 - Fred Bice, Walnut Creek, CA, Bice Family researcher

GLG1 - Gary Lee Gorby, 9th generation
GM1 - Gary Melvin, King Salmon, AR (from a gedcom posted to Kindred Connections)
GPU1 - Gary P Unger, Pittsburgh, PA
GWG1 - Graydon William Gorby, 10th generation

HEG1 - Harold Eugene Gorby, 7th generation
HGF1 - Helen Gorby Forshee, 7th generation
HGH1 - Helen Gorby Hackathorn, 7th generation
HLS1 - Harry Lester Stewart, 8th generation
HSM1 - Helen Smith Baker, 8th generation

JAC1 - Joseph A Chaplow, 8th generaion
JAF1 - Joyce Ann Fletcher, 9th generation
JAG1 - Jerome Alan Gorby, 8th generation
JAM1 - John Allan Moore, 9th generation
JBG1 - Joseph Brian Gorby, 8th generation
JC1 - JoAnn Cupp, 7th generation
JC2 - Jimmy Carmichael, Carmichael Family researcher
JCW1 - James Clyde Woodard, 9th generation
JEW1 - Jan Everly Williams, Furbee Family researcher
JF1 - Judy Ferguson
JFS1 - John Franklin Shuman, 7th generation
JGN1 - Joanne Gorby Neal, 8th generation
JJ1 - Janet Johnson, Marjoriebanks Family researcher
JLB1 - James & Leona Brown, Brown Family researchers
JLR1 - James & Linda Rambo, 8th generation
JML1 - Janet M Larimer, Craig Family researcher
JPK1 - Joel & Pauline Kenderdine, Kenderdine Family researchers
JS1 - Jan Slater, Adams Family Researcher
JS2 - Jack Stidham, 8th generation
JRG1 - John R Gorby, 7th generation
JSG1 - John Stark Gorby, II, 10th generation
JSM1 - Jacqueline Savage Marshall, 9th generation
JWG1 - Jerry Wayne Gorby, 8th generation

KH1 - Karen Hucko, Richmond Family Researcher
KM1 - Kay Mason, Mason Family Researcher
KRG1 - Kevin Ray Gorby, Sr, 10th generation
KTD1 - Kimberly Tedrow Durenda, 9th generation

LAE1 - Lois Ann Edison, Tri-County area VW researcher
LCF1 - Linda Cunningham Fluhartey, 8th generation
LCG1 - Lance Christopher Gorby, 10th generation
LDB1 - Lyn D Gorby Black, 8th generation
LGS1 - Linda Goddard Stout, 9th generation
LSG1 - Lorhn Sidney Gorby, 7th generation
LST1 - Louise Scott Tabasso, 8th generation
LWG1 - Linda Whitehead Gorby, 8th generation

MAW1 - Mildred Arlene (Gorby) Wadkins, 9th generation
MAG1 - Marjorie A Garbini, 8th generation
MGS1 - Marcella Gorby Starliper, 8th generation
MEG1 - Michael Eugene Gorby, 9th generation
MG1 - Mark Gorby, 10th generation
MMM1 - Michael M Marks, Marks Family researcher
MPH1 - Marjorie Pierson Higginson, 8th generation
MWG1 - Michael W Gorby, 9th generation

NG1 - Neil Gorby, 7th generation

ODT1 - Obituary Daily Times Web Site,
ODC1 - Ohio Online Death Certficates,

PMT1 - Pauline McGilton Tabor, 7th generation
PB1 - Pat Bauer, Emery Family researcher
PLC1 - Peter Lawrence Choquette, 8th generation
PWB1 - Phyllis Wilson Blake, 7th generation

RAP1 - Richard Allen Painter, 10th generation
RCM1 - Ruby Curry Montgomery & Pauline Curry Patterson, 7th generation
RG1 - Roger Gorby, 8th generation
RGG1 - Robert Gary Gorby, 8th generation
RGG2 - Ralph Guy Gorby, 8th generation
RLG1 - Richard Larry Gorby, 8th generation
RMR1 - Richard Martin Ringlesbach, 9th generation
RRG1 - Ronald Ray Gorby, 9th generation

SC1 - Sara Clayton, family friend & Norma Jean Gorby Buchs, 7th generation
SGN1 - Sally (Gorby) Newton & Mark Gorby, 8th generation
SHK1 - Suzette Hull Kish, 10th generation
SKM1 - Sarah K Mays, Greenlee Family researcher
SLW1 - Sandra Lee (Gorby) Wessels, 8th generation
SSDI - Social Security Death Index

TAG1 - Thomas Allan Gorby, 9th generation
TCT1 - Toni (Clark) Thompson, Clark family researcher
TDW1 - Thomas Donald Watt, 8th generation
TLG1 - Terry Lee Gorby, 8th generation
TVA1 - T Vernon Anderson, from info published in Marshall, WV website

VLM1 - Vaunda L (Moore) Gorby, 7th generation
VST1 - Virginia Lee Simms Toney, Carney Family researcher

WHD1 - Wallice H Dunlap, Baton Rouge, LA (from a gedcom posted to Kindred Connections)
WMP1 - W M Postlethwait, Huntington, WV
WJB1 - William J Bonner, Bonar Family researcher, info from 1969 book by Dorothy Elizabeth Rine Brown

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