The Gorby Family - War Records

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Much of the information on this page has been copied verbatim from the 1936 and 1978-80 editions of The Gorby Family book.

Note: There are several Gorbys listed on this page which have yet (in 1998) to be placed in their proper spot on the Gorby Family Tree.

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Colonial Wars

 Samuel Gorby, I Generation. No records have been found but older Gorbys who were interested in early Gorby history claimed that Samuel Gorby was a physician and surgeon during the Colonial wars, serving a part of the time with Washington. He located in Chester Co, PA, on coming to America from England, and served with Pennsylvania troops.

 John Richmond, II Generation. father of Hannah Richmond, Who married Job Gorby. Enlistment description-- Trade, Mason, 5 ft. 8 in. tall, brown complexion, well set, age 21, Pennsylvania born, enlisted May 12, 1758, making his birth in 1737. Following is one of his records: A return of recruits by Capt. Chas. McClung for a PA Reg., May 29, 1858, Patrick Craighead, Lieut. Penna. Archives, Ser. 5, Vol. I.

 Thomas Gorby, II Generation. The older Gorbys also claimed that Thomas Gorby served in some of the Colonial wars as a scout and spy, but so far no records have been found.

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The Revolutionary War

 Thomas Gorby, II Generation. Private in Capt. Andrew Lynn's Company of Westmoreland Co, PA. Private in Capt. Stokeley's Co. of Frontier Rangers, Westmoreland Co., Pa. A return to the State of Capt. Stokeley's Co. of Rangers for the month of April, 1783, of the 3d, 4th, and 5th class drafted, and returned by Capt. Andrew Lynn. Ser. 6, Vol.2, P.359 of PA Archives.

 John Richmond, II Generation. 1--Private in Capt. James Murray's Co., entered Nov. or Dec., 1775. At Battles of Trenton and Princeton. First Lieut.--Peter Sturgeon. Second Lieut. John Simpson. Ensign-John Ryan.
2--In Capt. Murray's 1st Class of 4th Bat., Lancaster Co., Pa., 1778,
3--Oct. 21, 1779. 5th Class--Capt. Murray's 1st Class of 4th Bat., Lancaster Co, PA.
4--1779--Capt. Murray, 5th Class.
5--April 12, 1781--Capt. Murray, 10th Bat., Col. Robert Elder. Commander
6--1782--Lancaster Co. Mil., 1st Co., 10th Bat.
7--Muster Roll, 7th Class, 10th Bat., Lancaster Co. One tour.
8--1st Co., 10th Bat., 1782, Lancaster Co., M--Capt. Murray.

This record found in PA Archives:

9--Pay Rolls--Ser. 6, Vol. X, Pa. Arch. John Richmond--Private,$10.00--1 yr. 7 mo.--$12.33 1 3. Lieut. Wm. MeCune, 18 Reg., PA.--Lieut. Col. Robert Miller. John Richmond--3d Co., 1st Rifle Reg.,received $6.00 extra pay, Nov. 24, 1814, Daniel Bussier-paymaster.

 Capt. Andrew Farley, father of Jennie Farley who married Jacob Richmond. Jacob's sister Hannah married Job Gorby, son of Thomas and Elizabeth(Allman) Gorby. Ser. 5, Vol. IV, P. 708 Pa. Arch. lists Andrew Farley as a private from Washington Co.,--Continental lines--Revolutionary Soldiers. P. 399 lists him as Captain of a Washington Co. Mil. Co. Ser. 3, Vol. 23, P. 203 lists Capt. Andrew Farley with the Rangers of the Frontier from Washington Co., and P. 219 lists him with the Frontier Rangers from 1778 to 1783.

 Samuel Gorby, I Generation. while in his seventies at the time of the Revolution, was in service a part of the time. One older Gorby gives him as a member of the Fletcher Volunteers from PA, again he is mentioned as serving with Washington and Paine, and still again with Washington at Valley Forge. Here, probably, though old, he was giving his services to the care of the sick and wounded who were so much in need of nursing and medical care.

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The Delaware Archives
Delaware State Militia

 1800 - Joseph and Samuel Gorby, (sons of Joseph.)

 1809 - John, Samuel, and Joseph Gorby, (sons of Joseph)

 lsaac Allman - Del. Archives, Vol. 3, P. 1002, Rev. - Castle Co., Del., voucher April 12, 1783.

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The War of 1812

 Ebenezer Gorby enlisted in Fayette Co, OH, as a private in Capt. James Crother's Co. of Ohio Militia. serving from July 27, to Aug. 16, 1813, in a Co. of Inf., 3d Regiment, (Stewart's) Ohio Mil. This information is found in bounty land claim, based upon service in the War of 1812. There was no claim for pension.

Prudence (Parsons) Gorby, widow of Ebenezer, was allowed bounty land in full satisfaction on account of the service of her husband in the War of 1812, on her application executed July 25, 1855. She was then a resident of Marshal Co, WV. her post office Moundsville, and her age 71 years. She was granted 160 A. of bounty land under the Act of Mar. 3,1855. For information regarding location of this land address Commissioners, Gen. Land Office. Refer to B. L. Wt. 42753-160-55. (B. A.--J. I. L. L .)

 John G. Gorby, Private, Vol., muster roll of Mil. Co. under Capt. Weatherby, 65th Reg., 1st Brigade, 2nd Division of PA Mil., in service of the U. S. under requisition of the President July 4,1814, out Oct 29,1814. Daniel Bussier, paymaster, $6.00 additional pay. Ser. 6, Vol. VII, P. 146, PA Archives. Entered Sept 25, 1814, Com. by Capt. Weatherby, camped at Marcus Hook. Ser. 6, Vol. VIII, P. 807

 Job Gorby, Payroll of a Company of Washington Co, PA Mil., Capt. John Campbell, actual service of Frontier Rangers by order of Absalom Baird, Esq., Lieut. of said Com. of Washington Co., served 34 days. Private $3.00 per month, received $3.40. Ser. 6, Vol. I, P. 593, PA Archives.

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The Mexican War

 Alexander W. Doniphan served as a Colonel, 1st Missouri Mounted Volunteers from June 18, 1846, to June 24, 1847. He served in Mexico and was quite prominent as a leader.

Col. Doniphan was born in Mason Co, KY, on July 9, 1808. His mother was a daughter of John and Hannah (Smith) Richmond, and a sister of Hannah Richmond who married Job Gorby. Nothing can be learned of her except that she married a Doniphan and lived in Mason Co, KY, at the time of Alexander's birth. Reference--Mex. S. C.- 723. This information was obtained from the Veterans' Administration, Washington, DC.

 Eli Gorby. son of Job Gorby and first cousin of Col. Doniphan, served in the Mexican War, but was in Texas, not Mexico at all. His record has not been found but he probably enlisted from Ohio, where his father was living. Though he might have been in Missouri with his cousin and enlisted from there.

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The War Between the States
Union Army

 Henry Gorby, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, Was enrolled as a Private in the 3rd Independent Battery Reg., Ohio Vol. Lt. Art., on Feb.29, 1864. for the period of 3 years, from Columbiana Co, OH. He was wounded at Vicksburg and died Aug 31, 1864. at Rome, GA. Buried in the Marietta & Atlanta National Cemetery, GA.

 Pierce Gorby, (the only other Pierce G. from that county was son of Henry, son of Samuel) a Private in Co. D., 176th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf. on Aug. 12,1864, mustered in on Sept. 21, 1864, for the period of one year, at Camp Chase, OH, by W. P. Richardson. From Columbiana Co, OH. He died Jan. 5, 1865, in hospital at Nashville, TN. Buried in the Nashville National Cemetery, TN. Not sure of his family.

 Edmund Gorby, son of Thomas, son of Jonathan, son of Joseph, was enrolled as a Corporal in Co. H., 184th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf. on Jan. 30, 1865, mustered in for the period of one year on Feb. 20, 1865, and mustered out May 16, 1865, at Chattanooga, TN, by order of War Dept.

Edmund was born in 1849, and died in 1865, after his return home on being mustered out, from injuries received in battle. A boy only 16, yet a Corporal, and dead from injuries received in action. From Portage Co, OH.

 Robert Cloud Gorby, son of Joseph Richard, son of Joseph, son of Joseph II Generation, Private Co. A., 37th Inf., Pa. Vol. Emergency Militia, enrolled July 1, 1863, at Chester, Pa., mustered into state service July 1,1863, at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, Pa. Mustered out and honorably discharged Aug. 2, 1863.

 Joseph C. Gorby, brother of Robert Cloud Gorby above was in the same Company and had the same dates of service as his brother.

 Robert G. Gorbey, (different spelling, may have been done in transcript). Private, Co. K., 91st Pa. Vol. Inf., enrolled and mustered into U. S. service Feb. 23, 1864, at Philadelphia, PA. Mustered out and honorably discharged July 10, 1865. Age 34 at enlistment. Probably a descendant of Joseph, but not yet located.

 Thomas J. Gorby, Farrier and Private. Co. H., 19th Pa. Vol. Cav. Enrolled and mustered into U. S. service Aug. 24, 1863, at Philadelphia, PA. Died at Andersonville, GA, Sept. 21, 1864. Age 21 at enlistment. Not yet located but probably a descendant of Joseph.

 Levi Gorby, son of John, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, Private, Btry. C, 3rd Reg. PA Vol. Heavy Art. Enrolled Feb. 25, 1864, at New Brighton, PA, mustered into U. S. service Feb. 26, 1864, same place. Mustered out and honorably discharged Nov. 9, 1865. Born Middleton, OH. 20 years of age at enlistment.

 John S. Gorby, son of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, served in Co. I, 53d Reg. Ohio Inf. 4 years. Born Meigs Co, OH. Born July 1, 1845.

 Jesse K. Gorby, son of William, son Eli, son of Thomas. Private in Capt. Lucian Gruiz's Co., 2nd Reg. of WV Inf. Vol., enrolled Feb. 22, 1865, to serve one year or for the duration of the war. Discharged July 18, 1865, at Parkersburg, WV, 19 years of age, 5 ft. 9 in., fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, farmer.

 Ira Gorby, son of William, son of Eli, enlisted at Wheeling, WV, Bat. A., 1st Reg. Vol. Lt. Art. Called into service Sept. 26, 1861, promoted to Corporal. Company captured at Moorefield, VA, Sept. 11, 1863, and taken to Richmond, 6 months in Libby Prison and Belle Isle, then sent to Naval Shore Hospital, Annapolis. Three months later he joined his regiment at Sandy Hook.

 Patton Moreland Jordan, son of Nancy, daughter of Job. He enlisted from Noble Co, OH. but was discharged at Cincinnati because of physical disability. However, he served with the Ohio Militia at the time of "Morgan's Raid."

 John Banks Gorby, son of Josephus, son of John, son of Job. He enlisted from Bellaire, OH, when only 17, went as a drummer boy in Co. E, 17th OH Inf., in 1864. He was a member of the Lemeri Post G.A. R. at Newark, OH and at his death Jan.28. 1927, he was given a military funeral.

 George Henry Masters, husband of Hannah, daughter of Nancy, daughter of Job, entered service Dec. 7, 1861, for 3 years, made Corporal June 1, 1864. Mustered out Jan. 8, 1865, at Little Rock Ark., returned to service, and mustered out March 8, 1866, at Brownsville, Tex. He served with Co. K., 77 Ohio Reg., OH Vol. Inf., organized at Marietta, OH.

 Pierce Gorby, son of Samuel, son of Joseph. private. Co. H. 85th Reg. IN Vol. Enlisted at Farmersburg, IN, Aug. 8, 1862, by Capt. Crawford. mustered in at Terre Haute. IN, for 3 years, on Sept. 2, 1862. age 37, nativitv. Ohio. Lieut. Morris. Mustered out at Washington. D. C., July 12, 1865.

 Robert Pierce, son of Robert, son of Lena Gorby, daughter of Joseph, mustered in at Meadville, PA, Co. F., 98th PA Inf., on April 7, 1865. Mustered out June 29, 1865, was a substitute. From Chester Co., PA.

 Wesley Pierce, son of Lewis, son of Lena, daughter of Joseph, cousin of Robert above. A private of Co. I., 19th PA Reg., mustered in Sept. 15, 1862, from Chester Co, PA, and out Sept. 27, 1862. transferred from Alexandria to the Chester, PA, hospital, via Philadelphia, evidently injured.

 John Gorby, son of Thomas Jeahue, son of Thomas, (spelled Gorbey on records) enrolled at Sutton, WV, age 18, mustered in May 13, 1862, at Sutton. Supposed to have been killed in action near Winchester, VA, July 24,1864. (Some reports say killed at Bull Run.) Co. F., 10th WV Inf. Corporal.

1980 edition updated to read: John Gorby, son of Thomas Jeahue and Nancy West, b.Tyler Co. WV, farmer, age 30. Enlisted December 26, 1863, Sisterville, WV, 15th Reg., Co. K of WV Inf. Died of typhoid fever July 6, 1864, US Hospital, Gallipollis, OH, buried there.

 Sarge Gorby, son of Thomas Jeahue, son of Thomas, age 23, Co. A., 7th WV Vol. Inf. at Centreville, WV, March 1, 1864. Mustered out July 1, 1865. A farmer, born in Tyler Co, WV. Recruit, hon. disch. One report says killed at Bull Run.

1980 edition updated to read: Sargeant Gorby, son of Thomas Jeahue and Nancy West, farmer, age 22, enlisted March 1, 1864, Centerville, Tyler Co, WV, 7th Reg., Co. E of W. Va. Inf. Shot by a minnie-ball May 24, 1864, battle of North Anna River, near Winchester, WV, died May 30, 1864, Mt. Pleasant US General Hospital, Washington, DC.

 Alexander Gorby, son of Thomas Jeahue and Nancy West, enrolled at Hartford City, age 23 (on record), mustered into Co. G, 13th WV Vol. Inf., Feb. 28, 1864, at Guyandotte, WV. Mustered out June 22, 1865, Wheeling. Farmer, born in Mason Co, WV. As of December, 1997, his decendants still had not claimed a medal awarded him by the State of West Virginia for his service.

 Isaac Gorby, son of John Ryan, son of Eli. Enrolled at Burton, WV, 18 years. Mustered in Nov. 17, 1861, at Burton. Discharged -disability- June 21, 1862, at U. S. Hospital, Grafton, WV. Co. N, 6th WV Inf.

 Jasper Benjamin Gorby, son of Jesse J, son of John G, son of Thomas. Co. I, 6th WV Cav.

 Jesse J Gorby, son of John G, son of Thomas. Co. I, 6th WV Inf. As of December, 1997, his decendants still had not claimed a medal awarded him by the State of West Virginia for his service.

 Joseph Gorby, Co. C, 12th WV Inf. Not located as to family.

 Joseph Blake, husband of Lyda Gorby, daughter of Daniel, son of Ebenezer, son of Thomas. Enrolled at Moundsville. WV, age 21. Aug. 20, 1862, mustered in at Buckhannon, WV. Mustered out June 16, 1865, at Richmond, VA. Farmer, born in Marshall Co., WV Co. B, 12th Vol. Inf. WV. In Andersonville prison for month.

 Andrew Benton Cecil, husband of Anna Gorby, daughter of Daniel, son of Ebenezer, son of Thomas, served with the Union Army from West Virginia.

 Samuel Pierce Gorby, son of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, enlisted with the 18th OH Reg., served 3 months, then re-enlisted in Co. I, 53d OH Reg. He and two brothers -John S. and Benjamin Franklin- served throughout the war in this Co. Mustered out Dec. 24, 1864, at Savannah, GA. His children have a sword given him by his company when he was 1st Lieut.; a memorial of Co. I. 53d Ohio, giving dates when mustered out; also some records of supplies ordered by him in the Com. Dept. The three brothers names are on this memorial.

 Benjamin Franklin Gorby, son of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, -the third brother to serve in Co. 1, 53d Ohio Reg. They served till the close of the war.

 William H. Gorby, son of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, served with the Northern Army, from Meigs Co, OH. He died of measles while in the Army and is buried in the Soldiers' Cemetery at Columbus, OH.

 John J. Hawk, husband of Parmelia, daughter of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph Gorby, served in the Union Army from Hancock Co, OH, Co. H., 140th and Co. C., 194th Reg. O. Vol. Inf.

 Capt. Elias Jasper Gorby, son of Benjamin, son of Samuel, Meigs Co, OH Co. I, 52rd OH Reg. (maybe 53).

 George Newton Gorby, son of Benjamin, son of Samuel, Meigs Co, OH. Not able to get record.

Names added in the 1980 edition (with corrections added 1999)

 James Corwin Gorby, son of Benjamin, son of Samuel George. 194th Reg. OH Vol. Inf.

 Cyrus H. Gorby, son of Peter, son of Samuel George. Co. H., 140th O. N. G.

 William H. Gorby, Co. H., son of Jacob, son of Samuel George. 140th O. N. G. Died of measles in 1865.

 William D. Gorby, son of Samuel George. 140th O. N. G., also 53rd O. Vol. Inf.

Names added since the Gorby Family Web Site went online

 Daniel Gorby, age 18, Co. H., 116th OH Vol. Inf. Enlisted Aug 22 1862; died Aug 27, 1863 at Shepardstown, VA, typhoid fever. Family not yet located but was from Nobel Co, OH so is probably a descendant of Job, son of Thomas.

 Listed as members of the Marshall and Wetzel Counties Home Guard:
John Gorby and David Gorby, both members of Captain John Carney's Co F. Also listed under "Miscellaneous" as Color Sargeant, Pardon C Gorby.

 Dennis Gorby, son of Jesse, son of Thomas. Co H, 11th WV Vol Inf. He and his younger brother David served in the same unit.

 David Gorby, son of Jesse, son of Thomas. Co H, 11th WV Vol Inf. He and his older brother Dennis served in the same unit.

 Samuel Gorby, son of Joseph, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, Co H (Ohio Sharpshooters), 66th IL Inf. This unit was organized as J W Birge's Regiment of Western Sharpshooters [Sept-Oct 1861]. Originally mustered in as the 14th MO Inf [Nov 1861], transfered to IL, renamed 66th IL Inf in Nov 1862. Died of disease in Paducah, KY in April 1862 while in service.

 Thomas R Watt, Jr, husband of Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph, son of Samuel, son of Joseph. Also served in Co H (Ohio Sharpshooters), 66th IL Inf. through end of the war.

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The War Between the States
Confederate Army

 Thomas Gorby, son of Job, son of Thomas, served in the Confederate Army for 3 years and 7 months, being in prisons at Ft. St. Louis, McDowell Medical College. (used as a prison) and Alton, Ill., for 2 years and 5 months of that time. Union records show that he was imprisoned at Alton from Dec. 11 or 19, 1861, date of capture, until Feb. 14, 1861, released on Oath of Allegiance to the U. S. There is on file an undated document, stating that "In July last. in a period of excitement, he joined Martin Green's Co.," probably written while in prison. This Co. was probably Col. Martin E. Green's Cav., 2nd Div., Mo. State Guard. His age was given as 57. He enlisted in Knox Co., in July. 1861, and his services were confined to Missouri and neighboring states. He rose to the rank of Colonel.

 Orrin Gorby, son of Thomas, son of Job, entered the Confederate Army from Knox Co., Mo., serving 2 years and 5 months, many months of that time being spent in prison. He saw service in Missouri and nearby states. He became a Major. C. S. A. records are very incomplete and Orrin Gorby's records have not been found.

 Thomas Owen Gorby, son of Thomas, son of Job, enlisted from Knox Co., Mo., in service 2 years and 5 months, in prison many months. He served in and around Missouri and was a Major. Because of incomplete C. S. A. records his record is brief.

 Sylvester Scott Gorby, son of Thomas, son of Job, served in the Confederate Army from Knox Co., Mo., as scout and spy, with Col. Porter. Saw service only the last year, as he was then only 16. He was at Palmyra, Memphis, and other sections, last action at Kirksville, Mo., serving only in Missouri.

 Lewis M. Gorby, son of Joseph Richard, son of Joseph, son of Joseph II generation. He was born in Chester, Pa., but married a Tennessee girl and moved to Nashville. He enlisted May 23, 1861, at Nashville -became 1st Lieut., Co. B., Tenn 1st Cavalry Bat. (McNairy's) Co. B, Confederate States Army- enlisted for 12 months. His name is on the Co. muster-in roll, Camp Cummings, Tenn., Sept. 19, 1861, only roll on file. His name appears on a report dated Chestnut Mound, Tenn., Feb. 12, 1862, shows him absent with leave on sick furlough.

The 1936 Gorby Book stated that he lost his life when a fort was blown up near Memphis to keep the Northern Army from capturing it. The explosion did not occur as scheduled and he went in to see what was wrong just as the explosion finally occurred, thereby losing his life. He actually survived the war and appeared on the 1870 Census for Davidson Co, TN, age 44.

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The War Between the States
Parents Deserving Special Recognition

 Jacob and Ann (Huston) Gorby, (son of Samuel, son of Joseph), sent four sons from Meigs Co, OH, to fight for the Union: Samuel Pierce, John S., and Benjamin Franklin in Co. I, 53d O. Reg. during the entire war, and William H. with another Co. He died in service.

 Thomas Gorby and three sons -Orrin, Thomas Owen, and Sylvester Scott- fought with the Confederate forces, leaving only the women and children at home.

 Joseph Richard and Margaret (Cloud) Gorby suffered the hardest lot, two sons fighting with the Union forces and one, living in Tennessee, in the Southern Army. Robert Cloud and Joseph C were from Pennsylvania and Lewis M from Tennessee.

 Jeahue Gorby and Wife sent three sons to fight for the Union, John and Sarge losing their lives at Bull Run, and Alexander serving the entire four years.

 William Gorby (son of Eli) and Wife had two sons in the Northern Army, Jesse K and Ira.

 Benjamin Gorby, (son of Samuel) and Mary A. (Hill) Gorby sent three sons Capt. Elias Jasper, George Newton and James Corwin.

 Samuel Gorby, son of Joseph and Hannah (Stilley) Gorby had two sons in the Northern Army, Henry from Ohio and Pierce from Indiana.

 Jesse Gorby, (son of Thomas) and Anna (Wade) Gorby, had two sons who served with the 11th WV Vol Inf, Dennis and David.

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The Spanish-American War

 Thomas Leonard Gorby, son of Sylvester Scott, son of Thomas, son of Job, son of Thomas. He served with the famous Indiana Battery A, name later changed to 27th Lt. Art., Ind. Vol. He served from June 11, 1898 to Nov. 25, 1898, trained at Chickamauga Park, and sent to Puerto Rico, sailing from Newport News and returning via New York. This famous Battery was feted from New York City to Indianapolis, the first banquet being given by the then Miss Helen Gould, and the last one in Indianapolis by Indiana admirers, with delicious food stretched from city to city. And when the boys sat down to their final feast they felt as though even patriotism and excelent food could not tempt them to eat another bite.

This company meets in Indianapolis every year, and on May 8,1936 only 92 of the 150 members were still living.

 Charles Glidden Gorby, son of Thomas Owen, son of Thomas, son of Job, son of Thomas. He enrolled in California in Com. G, 6th Cavalry, U. S. Vol., at the age of 26 years. He was mustered in May 11, 1898, and discharged Aug. 29, 1898, on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability. A Private and born in Chica, Cal. This injury was due to a fall while drilling. This Company was split up to do guard duty along the Pacific Coast, and Charles Gorby was in the section sent to guard the Arsenal at Benicia.

 Emory Elmer Jacobs, son of William Rice Jacobs, son of Rebecca Ann Gorby Jacobs, daughter of Eli, son of Thomas. He enrolled from Ohio and served in the Coast Artillery along the Atlantic Coast from Rhode Island to Ft. McHenry at Baltimore, MD. He served as one of the Guards of Honor when President McKinley died, on duty while the President's body lay in state during the time they remained in Washington.

 William C Hawk, son of Parmelia, daughter of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, from Hancock Co, OH.

 Leonard Hawk, brother of William C., served in both the Spanish-American and World War I, the only one with that honor.

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World War I

 Edgar Scott Gorby, son of Sylvester Scott Gorby, son of Thomas, son of Job, Corp. A. D. Ambulance Co. No. 14, enlisted March 1, 1918, at Columbus Barracks, OH, trained at Camp Greenleaf, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., discharged honorably on Jan. 11, 1919, at Camp Greenleaf, - reason, demobilization. Made Corporal Sept. 23, 1918. Description - complexion fair, hair light, eyes blue, weight 138, height 5 ft. 8 3/4 in. Army serial number 433048.

 Sylvester Clay Curry, son of Allie Gorby Curry, daughter of Thomas, son of Job. Bat. B, 326th Field Artillery, 159th Artillery Brigade, 84th Division, transported to France via Scotland and England, after arrival in France was placed in what was called replacement, returned after the Armistice via Newport News, to Camp Taylor, Ky., and discharged there, enlisted May 17, 1918, overseas 6 months, discharged March 13, 1919 - reason, demobilization.

 John William Gorby, son of John, son of David, son of Job. At beginning of war he recruited and organized three companies of infantry in the Central Manufacturing Bank Dist. in Chicago. He was commissioned Captain of one of these companies - Co. L., 4th Inf. of IL. reserve troops. Sept 17, 1818, commissioned Capt. in the U. S. army, assigned under command of Gen. A. D. Kniskern, commanding quartermaster of Chicago, appointed executive officer of the warehouse division, much food going overseas through Chicago. For instance, one afternoon a cablegram was received from abroad, asking for 60 carloads of meat. Cars were filled, entrained, and in motion before midnight. After the Armistice Capt. Gorby was sent to Washington to instruct officers in recording the first physical inventory in the history of the U. S. army, area 13th zone, headquarters with Gen. Duval at San Francisco. Was next sent on a commission to Honolulu on March 15, 1919, under Gen. Schofield of the Hawaiian Dept. Honorably discharged June 9, 1919.

 Charles Sydney Westcott, son of Eliza Jane (Gorby) Westcott, daughter of John, son of David, son of Job, Co. A, 145th Infantry, 37th Division. From Ohio.

 Harry C. Richmond, son of Hannah MeKimie, daughter of Martha Mason McKimie, daughter of Hannah Gorby Mason, daughter of Job. 314 Field Artillery, Bat. C., 80th Division from W. Va. Overseas 1 year and 2 days, in the Argonne Forest for the entire drive, also at San Mehiel. Now living at Akron, OH.

 Charles W. Richmond, brother of Harry listed above, in the same company at first but later changed to another division and sent to Camp Meade. Now living at Akron, OH.

 William McWhinney Gorby, son of Charles Baron, son of William, son of Josephus, son of John, son of Job. Ser. num. 125-73-92, enrolled at Boston, MS, June 7, 1918 age 18 6/12 years. Seaman, 2nd class, U. S. N. R. F. Home, Terre Haute, Ind. No active service. Disch. July 19, 1918.

 Joseph M Gorby, probably a grandson of Pierce Gorby of Sullivan, IN, son of Samuel, son of Joseph. (Pierce Gorby served from Sullivan during the Civil War). Ser. num. 1,986,721, res. Hymera, Sullivan Co., Ind. Inducted at Sullivan Oct. 6, 1917, age 25 7/12 years, born at Sullivan. Co. E, 309th Am. Tn., Pvt. 1st cl. - Aug. 1, 1918. Served overseas Sept. 9, 1918, to Jan. 31, 1919. Hon. disch. Feb.14, 1919 - demob.

 Earl Raymond Stradley, son of Venora, daughter of Parmelia, daughter of Jacob, son of Samuel, from Hancock Co, OH.

 Sydney Hawk, son of William, son of Parmelia, daughter of Jacob, son of Samuel, from Hancock Co, OH.

 Leonard Hawk, son of Parmelia, daughter of Jacob, son of Samuel, son of Joseph, from Hancock Co, OH, also in Spanish-American War.

 William Samuel Gorby, son of Joseph D., son of Samuel S., son of Samuel--III Gen. Co. A or B. 134th Machine Gun Bat. of Ohio. From Columbiana Co, OH.

 Harry LeRoy Gorby, son of William Emmett, son of Samuel S., son of Samuel-III Gen. Company B, 134th Machine Gun Battery of Ohio. From Columbiana Co, OH.

 Leon H Gorby, serial number 1515-633, from Salem, Columbiana Co, OH. Enlisted at Salem, OH., June 7, 1917, 28 years of age, and born at E Palestine, OH. With Co. D, 10th Inf. O. N. G. to Sept. 15, 1917. Mec. Sept. 25, 1917; Pvt., Dec. 21, 1917; Mc., March 1, 1918. Engagements (V. M.) Ypres Lys; Meuse Argonne; Defensive Sector. Overseas June 15, 1918 to March 23, 1919. Honorably discharged April 10, 1919 - demobilization. Family not yet found.

 Norman L. Gorby, son of John Clark, son of John, son of Samuel Geroge, son of Joseph. Serial number 4124482. Born Dec. 30, 1894, at Rogers, OH. Residence, Route 1, Negley, Columbiana Co, OH, at time of enlistment July 26, 1918. Hq. Co. 5, Regt. F. A. Repl. Draft, Camp Jackson, SC, to discharge, Jan. 9, 1919 - demobilization. Private.

 William Gorby, serial number 1515-569. Residence at enlistment, E Palestine, OH. Enlisted at Salem, OH., July 18, 1917. Born at Middletown Twp, Columbiana Co, OH age 38 years 4 months. Served with Co. D. 10th Inf. O. N. G.(Co. D, 135th M. G., Bn.) to Sept. 15, 1917; Co. A. 134th M.G., Bn. to discharge April 10, 1919 - demobilization. Grades - Pvt. 1cl., Oct. 19, 1917; Mec., Dec. 22, 1917. Engagements Ypres Lys; Meuse Argonne; Defensive Sector, overseas June 15, 1918, to March 23, 1919. Family not yet traced, but William and Leon H. may be brothers.

 Charles A. Gorby, serial number 3534715. Inducted at Ironton, OH, July 25, 1918, residence then Route 2, Proctorville, Lawrence Co, OH. Born March 13, 1894, at Rome, O. Served with 158th Dep. Brig. to Aug. 14, 1918; Co. A, 335th Inf. to Oct. 16, 1918; Co. H, 320th Inf. to discharge. Private. Engagements Meuse Argonne, overseas May 18, 1918, to May 30, 1919. Discharged June 9,1919 - demobilization. Family not yet traced.

 Allen L. Gorby, Born Aug. 8, 1900, at Tarentum, PA Res., 949 2nd St., Louisville, KY. Last Org. Bat. D, 38th F. A. of PA Corp. Enlisted June 8. 1918, discharged Feb. 15, 1919. Family not traced.

 Edwin G. Gorby, Born May 5, 1899, at Aspinwall, PA. Res., 788 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Ill. Last Org. Co. K, 112th Reg, 27th Div, Inf. of PA. Private. Enlisted May 28, 1917 - discharged April 25,1919. Engagements, overseas May, 1918, wounded Aug. 10, 1918 at Vesle River Sector and also Nov. 7, 1918. Not located in family yet.

 Thomas K. Gorby. Born Dec. 12, 1888. at Milford, DE. Res., 221 N. 60th St., Philadelphia. Last Org. Co. L, 317th PA Inf. Private. Enlisted April 27, 1918, discharged July 18, 1918. Probably a descendant of a Thos. K. Gorby of Philadelphia who was a grandson of Joseph Gorby of Chester, PA.

 Marion Gorby, Marine Corps, born March 25, 1897 at Littleton. WV. Res., 556 Fayette St., Washington, PA. Last Org. 55th Co., Quantico. VA, Marine Corps. Private. Enlisted April 20, 1917 - discharged Aug. 9, 1919. Son of Francis Marion, son of Thomas Wilson, son of Jesse, son of Thomas.

 Jesse B. Barnes, son of Ella E., daughter of Jesse K., son of William, son of Eli. Army serial number 2,748,720. Holcomb, Nicholas Co, WV. Inducted at Richmond, VA, July 14, 1918. Born New Martinsville, WV, July 10, 1892. Co. B. Richmond Schools Tng. Det. to Sept. 13, 1918; Rep. Unit 308 M. T. C. to discharge. Private. Served overseas Oct. 20, 1918, to May 30, 1919. Hon. discharge July 9,1919 - demobilization.

 Beryl H. Barnes, brother of Jesse B. Army ser. num. 249,344. Buckhannon, WV. Enlisted in R. A. at Columbus Bks., OH, Nov 8, 1917. Born New Martinsville, WV. Age at entrance 23 1/12 years. Sn. Co. I, Camp Greenleaf, GA, to Dec. 17,1919; Hq. Co. Hosp. Bn. 12 Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. (became Ho. Co. Hosp. Bn. 14 Evac. Hosp. Camp Greenleaf Med Of. Tng. C. Ft. Oglethorpe) to Dec. 13, 1917; Sn. Det. I Motor Mec.Regt. Sig. C, to discharge. Private 1st cl. June 1, 1918. Served overseas Feb. 10, 1918, to June 18, 1919. Hon. disch. July 2, 1919, demobilization.

 Frank Gorby, Littleton, WV. Enlisted N. G. at Littleton, July 29, 1916. Born Wetzel, WV, age at entrance, 18. Co. D, 1 Inf. WV. N. G. to discharge. Private 1st cl. Sept. 1, 1917. Served overseas. Hon. discharge Jan. 24,1918. Son of Daniel L., son of Pardon, son of Jesse.

 Isaac N. Gorby, brother of Frank, ser. num. 1,580,114, Littleton, WV. Enlisted N. G. at Littleton May 4, 1914. Born Littleton, 18 at entrance, Co. D, 1st Inf. WV. N. G. (became Co. D, 137th Mg. Bn.) to Jan. 18, 1918; Hq. Det.,137th Mg. Bn. to June 18, 1918; Co. B, 137th Mg. Bn. to Jan. 16, 1919. Co. B, 145th M. G. Bn. to Feb. 4, 1919; Co. A,144th M. G. Bn. to Disch. Pvt. 1st cl. Served overseas Oct. 6, 1918. to April 17, 1919. Hon. dis'h. May 3, 1919. Demob.

 Claude C. Bonar, son of Ezekiel, son of Lucinda, daughter of John Gorby, 1.833.259, 415 Clinton Ave., Moundsville, WV. Inducted Moundsville Sept. 20, 1917. born Rosbys Rock, WV. Age. 27 5/12 years. Btry. C. 314th F. A. to disch. Pvt. 1st cl. to Jan. 1, 1918. Corp. May 20, 1918. Ofs.: Meuse-Argonne. Hon. Disch. June 7. 1919 - demob.

 Martin L. Bonar, son of Martha, daughter of Lucinda, daughter of John Gorby, son of Thomas. He served during the World War, saw overseas service. Record not found.

 J. Earl Duffy, son of Hannah, daughter of William, son of Hannah Gorby Anguish, daughter of Ebenezer, son of Thomas. Served during the World War, but his record has not been found.

 Frank L. Gorby, 4,016,349, 73-3d St., Bluefleld, WV. Inducted L. B. 1 Bluefield July 26, 1918. Born Summerfield, Noble Co, OH, March 12, 1889. 154 Dep. Brig. to Sept. 7,1918; 5 Prov. Bn. Engrs., Ft. Benj. Harrison, IN, to Oct. 30, 1918; Co. D, 87th Engrs. to disch. Served overseas. Hon. disch. Dec. 7, 1918 demob. Family not located.

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Between the World Wars
The Roma Disaster

 Homer Gorby, XC-666324, born June 14, 1892, at Salem Center, Meigs Co, OH, son of Alfred E, son of Cyrus H, son of Peter, son of Samuel George, son of Joseph. He enlisted Sept. 3, 1918, Cincinnati, OH, for Air Service. Sergeant, 1st class, Master Sergeant, Photo School, official photographer for the Roma.

He died Feb 21, 1922, in line of duty, on Airship Roma, enroute to Washington, DC.

The Roma was a large dirigible which the United States bought from Italy in 1921 or 22. On its trial trip it broke apart in the middle, crashing to earth, killing all onboard. It had started out from Langley Field, with a crew of 22 men, on its trial flight. Practically all were highranking officers, and all were killed.

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