The Gorby Family - Photo Album, Index

A note on the photos which appear in this album:
These photos have been scanned at 125x125 dpi and are stored here as .jpg files. They are best viewed with a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels or 1024x768 pixels. If your system is set to 640x480, do not dispair, your browser will perform adequately although some contrast will be lost.

Remember! If you wish to save a copy of a particular image for yourself, most browsers will allow you to do so by positioning your cursor over the image and clicking the right mouse button. A dropdown menu will appear. Choose the Save picture as option and Save the image.

If you also have photos you would like to have included in the photo album, please send email to Graydon at

August 29, 1999: In an effort to organize the growing number of photographs and documents in a more logical fashion, they have been spilt into 3 groups: "Descendants of Joseph Gorby - Generation II", "Descendants of Thomas Gorby - Generation II" and "Unknown Gorbys".

Beneath this, they have been grouped by generation. A picture or document is assigned to the earliest generation that appears in it.

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 Descendants of Joseph Gorby - Generation II.

 Descendants of Thomas Gorby - Generation II.

 Help us Identify these Unknown Gorbys - who are these Family members?

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