131. Robert Cloud5 Gorby (Richard4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born in Chester, Pa. 1827.

He married Abby Ann O'Harra. Abby was born 1829. Ref: CEN1870-7.16.99 - Last name based on what are apparently her parents living with the family on the 1870 census.

Robert's occupation:. Marble cutter by trade, doing especially fine work.

Robert's Military Service:. Served in Union Army during Civil War. (1936) The following group of Gorbys may belong to this line of Gorbys. Parkside, Chester, PA.

1. Benjamin Gorby, b. 1859 - an only child. 2. Ariel W Gorby, b. 1890 - an only child. 3. Willard A Gorby, b. 1913 - an only child.

A letter to Leon A Gorby from Willard A Gorby, dated December 30, 1930, gave the above information, stating that this was all they knew of their ancestry except that his grandfather Benjamin had an uncle Joseph Gorby who was drowned - still single.

Benjamin's father could have been a son of Robert Cloud Gorby of Chester, PA, whose brother, Joseph C Gorby, was drowned in the Delaware River. He was single. This may be the solution here.

(1999 Note: The above list is more likely to be descendant from Jacob Gorby who had sons Joseph, James and Benjamin. Joseph C Gorby got married, had children and lived in Kent Co, DE past 1880.)

Ref: CEN1850 - Robert Cloud Gorby lived in Lower Chinchester, Delaware Co, PA with his mother. Age 23, Occupation Mason.

Ref: CEN1870-7.16.99 - Robert Gorby, age 41 lived with his family in the Borough of South Chester in Chester Twp, Delaware Co, PA. Occupation Stone Mason. Living with him was wife Abby Ann age 41, son James H age 14, daughter May age 3 and daughter Maggie age 1. Also living with the family were James O'Harra age 67 and Catharine O'Harra age 64. All born in PA.

Robert Cloud Gorby and Abby Ann O'Harra had the following children:

child 626 i. James H6 Gorby was born 1856. Ref: CEN1870-7.16.99

child 627 ii. May Gorby was born 1867. Ref: CEN1870-7.16.99

child 628 iii. Maggie Gorby was born 1868. Ref: CEN1870-7.16.99

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