1604. Ray Albert7 Gorby (John Edward6, William D5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born January 4, 1901. Ray died February 10, 1968 at 67 years of age.

He married Crystal Eutha Uhebrock March 26, 1923. Crystal was born October 14, 1903. Crystal died June 9, 1991 at 87 years of age. Ref: CB1,SSDI-12.31.98 Ref: SGN1-1.10.99 - This source states name is 'Crystal Etta Urbrock'. Ref: CB1-12.31.98 Ref: SGN1-1.10.99

Ray Albert Gorby and Crystal Eutha Uhebrock had the following children:

child + 3044 i. Harold Eugene8 Gorby.

child 3045 ii. Verma Gorby. Ref: SGN1-1.10.99 - Twin of Erma Gorby.

child 3046 iii. Erma Gorby. Erma died 1992. Ref: SGN1-1.10.99 - Twin of Verma Gorby.

child 3047 iv. Earl Gorby. Ref: SGN1-1.10.99

child 3048 v. Joyce Gorby. Ref: SGN1-1.10.99

child 3049 vi. Gordon Gorby was born November 23, 1923. Gordon died July 1962 at 38 years of age. Ref: SGN1,SSDI-1.10.99

child + 3050 vii. Ray Albert Gorby Jr was born 1932.

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