3394. Paula L8 Gorby (William Guy7, William Maywood6, Mason5, David4, Job3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born December 20, 1925.

She married Carl Fisher. Carl was born February 21, 1925. Ref: JLB1-1.1.99 Ref: JLB1-1.1.99

Paula L Gorby and Carl Fisher had the following children:

child 4724 i. Carla F9 Fisher was born September 18, 1947. She married Frank Berger. Ref: JLB1-1.1.99 Ref: JLB1-1.1.99

child 4725 ii. Paul W Fisher was born August 10, 1949. He married Lenora Wickliffe. Ref: JLB1-1.1.99 Ref: JLB1-1.1.99

child 4726 iii. Bobby G Fisher was born February 24, 1950. Bobby died August 23, 1955 at 5 years of age. Ref: JLB1-1.1.99

child 4727 iv. Timothy R Fisher was born May 26, 1958. He married Carla Upton. Ref: JLB1-1.1.99 Ref: JLB1-1.1.99

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