5531. Julee Ann10 Althouse (Marilyn Jane9 Gamble, Bessie Faye8 Gorby, John Grant7, James Sherman6, Samuel Stilley5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born in Salem City Hospital, Salem, Ohio. November 12, 1966.

She married Michael Kelly in Winona Friends Church, Winona, Ohio., May 5, 1990. Michael was born December 30, 1962. Ref: VLM1 Ref: VLM1 Julee graduated from United High School in the area of Winona, Ohio in June of 1985. Chip and Julee live in a farm house on Depot Road outside of Salem which was owned by her great grandparents John and Agnes Gorby from 1944 to 1964. Chip had purchased the house in 1988 - two years before he and Julee were married.

There is a very unique fact about the house: It was ordered from a Sears Catalog in 1918 by Clarence and Harriet Burson who hired John Stratton and Charlie Votaw to build it. Winfield Burson, Clarence's brother was overseer of the project. At the present time, the house sets back a few hundred feet from Depot Road. However, it was originally built about a quarter mile off Depot Road back in a wooded area. John and Agnes Gorby had it moved by Broomall Construction to its present site in 1947.

Julee Ann Althouse and Michael Kelly had the following child:

child 6087 i. Bridgett Ann11 Kelly was born March 28, 1996. Ref: VLM1

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