4382. Carlene Faye9 Gamble (Bessie Faye8 Gorby, John Grant7, James Sherman6, Samuel Stilley5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born June 2, 1934.

She married twice. She married Donald Gene Weaver in Salem Friends Church, Salem, Ohio., January 9, 1953. Donald was born February 14, 1934. Donald died August 20, 1991 in Sanford, Fla. (buried in Salem, Ohio)., at 57 years of age. Ref: VLM1

She married William Herbert Plank in Los Alamos Unitarian Church, Los Alamos, N.M., June 28, 1970. William was born July 27, 1921. Ref: VLM1 Ref: VLM1 Carlene graduated from The Friends Boarding School in Barnesville, Ohio in 1952. Her family was very active in the Friends Church in Winona, Ohio so they chose to send her to this private boarding school.

Carlene and Donald lived in Salem for the first few years after their marriage. In 1968 they moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico because Donald was offered a job. Later on they were divorced (in 1970).

Later on - in 1970 she married Bill Plank. In 1994 Carlene was diagnosed with breast cancer. During the period she was being treated with chemo there was a flood which destroyed their house trailer. She was alone in the trailer at the time and was very lucky to live through the experience.

Carlene Faye Gamble and William Herbert Plank had the following children:

child 5523 i. Paulette Mae10 Plank. Ref: VLM1 She is Bill Plank's daughter by a previous marriage. Full name is Paulette Mae Plank Vorenberg Beitz. She has two Children: Jennifer Vorenberg and Scott Daniel Vorenberg. She resides in New Mexico.

child 5524 ii. Pamela Kae Plank. Ref: VLM1 Pamela is Bill Plank's daughter by a previous marriage. Her married name ia Sanctez. She has two children: Andrea and Katalina Sanctez. She resides in New Mexico.

child 5525 iii. Patricia Rae Plank. Ref: VLM1 Patricia is Bill Plank's daughter by a previous marriage. Her full name is Patricia Rae Plank Ruybal Maki. She has one child: Deeanza Ruybal. She resides in New Mexico.

Carlene Faye Gamble and Donald Gene Weaver had the following children:

child 5526 iv. Mark Lee Weaver was born in Salem City Hospital, Salem, Ohio. August 16, 1954. Ref: VLM1

child + 5527 v. Michelle Lyn Weaver was born December 17, 1956.

child + 5528 vi. Christine Marie Weaver was born July 4, 1958.

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