3092. Raymond John8 Gorby (John Grant7, James Sherman6, Samuel Stilley5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born in Salem, Ohio. February 9, 1928.

He married Vaunda L. Moore in Nazarene Church - Salem, Ohio., June 16, 1951. Vaunda was born in Pekin, Ohio. November 23, 1931. Vaunda resided :. In 1997, Canton, Oh.

Vaunda's education:. In 1949, Graduated Sebring McKinley H. S.

Vaunda's occupation:. In BET. 1950 - 1994, Sebring Lumber Co. Americana Art China. Ref: VLM1 Ref: VLM1

Raymond John Gorby and Vaunda L. Moore had the following children:

child + 4388 i. Richard Grant9 Gorby was born April 5, 1955.

child 4389 ii. Gene Ray Gorby was born in Alliance City Hospital, Alliance, Ohio 44601. August 18, 1957. He married Belinda Rowen Wright in City Hall - Youngstown, Ohio., April 8, 1993. Belinda was born in Salem, Ohio. April 14, 1964. Ref: VLM1 Ref: VLM1 Gene Ray or "Rayme" as the family calls him was baptized on April 6, 1958 in the Salem Church of the Nazarene, Salem, Ohio by Reverend Arthur Brown, Jr. This was the church his grandparents, John and Agnes Gorby, belonged to.

child + 4390 iii. Randall Gregory Gorby was born June 1, 1959.

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