575. James Sherman6 Gorby (Samuel Stilley5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born in Columbiana, Ohio. August 18, 1866. James died January 5, 1949 at 82 years of age. His body was interred. Buried in Anchor Valley Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbiana Co, OH.

He married Sylvia Anne Lambright. Sylvia was born in Wampum, Pennsylvania. March 1872. Sylvia was the daughter of Paternal Lambright and Maternal Lambright unknown. Sylvia died March 12, 1949 at 76 years of age. Her body was interred. Buried in Anchor Valley Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbiana Co, OH. Ref: VLM1 Parents buried at Acretown, Ohio according to Ted Gorby.

Ref: CEN1900

James resided :. In 1936, Rte 2, E Palestine, OH. (1936) James Sherman Gorby remembered much of the early Gorby history. Through him the Hancock Co, OH Gorbys were located (they could not trace their ancestry back of Jonathon Gorby).

When asked if he had ever heard of a Jonathon Gorby, he replied "Yes indeed, Uncle Jonathon was a younger brother of my Grandfather Samuel George Gorby. After my grandfather settled here in Columbiana Co, he went back to Delaware and brought Uncle Jonathon and his family to Ohio with him. He gave him 60 acres of land as a start. Later Uncle Jonathon sold that land and went to Starke Co."

So this unravelled another problem.

Ref: CEN1910

James Sherman Gorby and Sylvia Anne Lambright had the following children:

child 1638 i. William J7 Gorby. Ref: VLM1 Ref: CEN1910 - No age listed.

child + 1639 ii. John Grant Gorby was born June 4, 1892.

child + 1640 iii. Sarah Elizabeth Gorby was born February 1895.

child + 1641 iv. Ralph James Gorby was born March 1896.

child + 1642 v. Dora Claretta Gorby was born March 1899.

child + 1643 vi. Charles Samuel Gorby was born February 6, 1904.

child + 1644 vii. Walter Jay Gorby was born June 12, 1905.

child + 1645 viii. Theodore Roosevelt Gorby was born January 15, 1907.

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