2970. Donald E.8 Gorby (Norman L7, John Clark6, John5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) birth date unknown.

He married twice. He married Rosann M. Bair. Rosann is the daughter of Esther Bair. Ref: LDB1. 1.28.98 - ? Mathey was second husband.

He married Lilllian ?.

Donald resided :. E. Palestine, Oh. Ref: SLW1. 10.8.97 Ref: LDB1. 1.28.98 - hade middle initial

Donald E. Gorby and Rosann M. Bair had the following child:

child 4286 i. Larry E.9 Gorby. He married Linda Huff. Linda is the daughter of Lawrence Huff and Donna ?. Ref: LDB1. 1.28.98 Ref: LDB1. 1.28.98

Donald E. Gorby and Lilllian ? had the following children:

child 4287 ii. Norman Leroy Gorby was born August 9, 1963.

child 4288 iii. ? Gorby was born 1965.

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