1324. Dora A6 Gorby (Thomas5, Pardon A C4, Jesse3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born May 8, 1903. Dora died October 16, 1934 at 31 years of age.

She married twice. She married Harly Ado Dieripple. Ref: BP1-8.21.99 - The Gorby Book listed him incorrectly as '? Ado'.

She married James Fox. Ref: BP1-8.21.99 Ref: BP1-8.21.99

Mortality info: Died in childbirth. Marriage info: Harly Dieripple was first husband.

Dora A Gorby and Harly Ado Dieripple had the following children:

child 2628 i. Harly7 Dieripple. Ref: BP1-8.21.99

child 2629 ii. Anna Dieripple was born October 16, 1934. (1978) Mother died in childbirth. Ref: BP1-8.21.99

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