2487. Lois Magdaline7 Gorby (Robert Davidson6, Vincent Parsons5, Daniel4, Ebenezer3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in On Fox Creek, 16 mi down the Snake R from Hu, OR on the Hamilton Ranch. April 17, 1895.

She married Frank Stuart Lint October 13, 1918. Frank was born in Charleston, WA..

Lois resided :. In 1936, 7615 Hampton Ave, Hollywood, CA.

Lois's education:. In 1916, Graduate of Idaho State Normal. (1936) A few years ago, Robert, the nine-year-old son of Lois Magdeline (Gorby) Lint asked the question: "Daddy, who am I?" Evidently some of his companions had been boasting of their ancestors and Bobby wanted a come-back. Both parents were at a loss for an answer, as neither of them knew much back of their own grandparents. This set them to thinking, and at once they began the huge task of tracing their children's ancestry. Then when the enormous task of compiling a tree and history of the whole Gorby family was undertaken, Frank S and Lois (Gorby) Lint became most ardent helpers. They have worked untiringly in giving all possible help, and have enjoyed doing so. They have worked faithfully on Ebenezer Gorby's line and much credit is due them for their whole-hearted support.

One interesting experience of theirs is well worth giving here. They saw the name J Gorby in the Los Angeles telephone directory, so they called J Gorby up to see where he hailed from and where he belonged, just where we should hang him on our wide spreading Gorby tree. They found this J Gorby had recently hailed from Poland, that his name, his Polish name, was Gorbolisky, but after settling in America he decided, for various reasons possibly, to change his name, so he dropped the olisky part of his name and added y, giving him the god old name of Gorby. We are not hanging Gorbolisky Gorby on our Gorby family tree, however, and we earnestly hope that he will live to be an honor to the name, as well as the country, of his adoption.

Lois Magdaline Gorby and Frank Stuart Lint had the following children:

child 3915 i. Robert Stuart8 Lint was born in Hollywood, CA. April 6, 1923.

child 3916 ii. Lois Elaine Lint was born in LosAngeles, CA. December 2, 1925. Lois died February 5, 1927 at 1 year of age.

child 3917 iii. Curtis Wayne Lint was born in LosAngeles, CA. March 23, 1929.

child 3918 iv. Charles Edward Lint was born in LosAngeles, CA. December 20, 1930.

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