46. Eli4 Gorby (Eli3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in Wetzel Co, WV. June 16, 1831. Eli died October 22, 1905 in Wetzel Co, WV., at 74 years of age. His body was interred. Buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV.

He married three times. He married Rachel W Wade 1852. Rachel was born April 7, 1835. Rachel died October 27, 1858 at 23 years of age. Ref TLG1 - From GEDCOM file of Claude Burton. has dates born 8 Jul 1825, died 23 Feb 1900, Springhill Twp., Greene Co., Pa..

He married Rachel Eckelberry 1859. Rachel was born in Greene Co, PA. June 8, 1825. Rachel was the daughter of Valentine Eckelberry Jr and Alice Cumberledge. Rachel died February 23, 1900 in Wetzel Co, WV., at 74 years of age. Her body was interred. Buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV. Levi Anderson was 1st husband. Was a widow when she married Eli Gorby.

Ref: AG1 maintains the the actual spelling of Rachel's last name was Ecleberry. Although she did have a brother who spelled it Eckelberry, her father and the remaining siblings spelled it Ecleberry. This was apparantly a name which underwent a number of changes as her grandfather spelled it Eichelberger and her great-grandfather spelled it Eigelberger. Sibling info: Was 6th of eight children.

He married Elsie Tuttle July 3, 1903. (1936) Eli Gorby had a twin brother who died in infancy. Name not learned. They were born eight days after the death of their father.

Eli was married three times. In 1852 he married Rachel Wade. In 1859 he married widow Rachel (Eckelberry) Anderson. In 1903 he married Elsie Tuttle.

When he settled in the early 1850s on the waters of Wolf Run in Clay District, Little, WV, he purchased 50 acres of land. He made cross ties, hoops, and tan bark to pay for the land. He endured all the hardships of our forefathers. When paying for his first 50 acres he would take his lunch to the woods with him, hanging it on a bush till noon. In winter it would often be frozen so hard he could not eat it. He would work all day with no food, take his lunch home, thaw it out, and eat it for supper.

When his first wife was sick there was no drug store nearer than Wheeling; she needed medicine, so he walked from Littleton to Wheeling, a distance of 40 miles, got the medicine, and walked back, walked because he did not have money for both medicine and car [train?] fare. And in those early days paths and roads were poor and one could not "hitch hike" nor hope for any "lifts".

Eli kept on buying land until he had one of Wetzel County's best farms at the time of his death. He was a sheep raiser too, and accumulated considerable wealth.

He served as justice of the peace. Politically he was a Democrat, and spiritually he was of the Baptist faith. He was a very highly respected citizen in the community in which he lived.

Ref: AG1

Ref TLG1 - From GEDCOM file of Claude Burton. has b. date of 15 June.

Eli Gorby and Rachel W Wade had the following children:

child 248 i. Elizabeth Rebecca5 Gorby was born ABT. 1853.

Mortality info: Died young.

child 249 ii. Hezekiah Gorby was born ABT. 1854. Ref TLG1. 2.17.98 - From GEDCOM file of Claude Burton. has name Ezekiah.

Mortality info: Died young.

child + 250 iii. Asa Gorby was born December 16, 1855.

Eli Gorby and Rachel Eckelberry had the following children:

child + 251 iv. Margaret Gorby was born January 1, 1861.

child + 252 v. Mariah or Maria Gorby was born September 6, 1863.

child + 253 vi. Harriet Gorby was born February 16, 1865.

child + 254 vii. Isaac Newton Gorby was born November 14, 1866.

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