897. Harry Dudley6 Gorby (Josephus5, William4, Eli3, Thomas2, Samuel1) birth date unknown. Harry died March 27, 1962. His body was interred. Buried in San Diego, CA.

He married Mary Currier. Mary was the daughter of Theresa Currier. Mary died December 31, 1962. Her body was interred. Buried in San Diego, CA. Incorrectly listed as Mary Courier in the Gorby Book. When she lived in Michigan, She taught Greek and Latin in a Seminary.

Ref: DEH1 (1978) Harry Dudley Gorby was probably born in Wellsburg, WV. He and his wife were living in Pasadena, CA in 1919, but soon moved to San Diego, many descendants still living in that area.

(1997) Harry Dudley Gorby met his wife while they were going to college in Michigan. They moved to California when their son John H Gorby was a year old. He worked for the Ford company in a manufacturing plant when younger. By the time he died, he was a car salesman.

Ref: DEH1

Harry Dudley Gorby and Mary Currier had the following children:

child + 2062 i. Grace7 Gorby.

child + 2063 ii. John Harold Gorby was born June 5, 1905.

child + 2064 iii. Walter Campbell Gorby was born November 22, 1914.

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