235. Dudley D5 Gorby (William4, Eli3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in VA. April 14, 1854. Dudley died January 23, 1923 at 68 years of age. His body was interred. Buried at Ashland Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV.

He married Sabra Ellen Higgenbotham in Wetzel County, WV., April 6, 1873. Sabra was born in VA. October 20, 1858. Sabra died October 9, 1914 at 55 years of age. Her body was interred. Buried at Ashland Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV. Sabra Ellen Higginbotham was incorrectly listed in the 1936 Gorby book as Sarah E Higginbotham.

Ref: BLC1, RLG1 Ref: TLG1. 2.12.98 - Wetzel County 1870 Census Magnolia Township. Wetzel County Marriage Records. Ref: CEN1880-8.16.99 - Age 26, born VA. Ref: GWG1-8.16.99 - Dates from tombstone. (1936) Dudley D Gorby was reared near New Martinsville. He and his wife settled near Reader, Wetzel Co, WV. They worked very hard to support their 13 children. He spent most of his life farming, but in his later life he worked in the oil fields of Wetzel Co. Several of his sons became interested in the oil business and are very efficient workmen, holding positions with the Hope Natural Gas Co, the Carnegie Natural Gas Co, and the Carbide and Carbon Chemical Corporation of Hastings, WV.

Dudley Gorby was a member of the Methodist Church and an earnest Christian, carrying his religion into his daily living. He gave liberally to the church and was an earnest worker.

(1978) His date of death is noted as January 23/28, 1923.

Ref: TLG1. 2.12.98 - Marriage date Source: Wetzel County Marriage Records Ref: CEN1880-8.16.99 - Living in Enumeration District #15, Tyler Co, WV. Age 26, farmer, born VA.

Sibling info: Twin of Josephus Gorby.

Dudley D Gorby and Sabra Ellen Higgenbotham had the following children:

child + 918 i. Clarissa6 Gorby.

child 919 ii. Bruce Gorby. Ref: GWG1-8.16.99 - Buried in Long Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV is a 'Bennie B Gorby' son of DD & SE Gorby. This is perhaps the same individual. Dates on tombstone are May 14, 1882-Dec 24, 1902.

child + 920 iii. Frank Gorby.

child + 921 iv. Clyde W Gorby.

child + 922 v. Laura Gorby was born January 23, 1874.

child + 923 vi. Lavina J. Gorby was born March 4, 1875.

child + 924 vii. Joseph L Gorby was born October 28, 1876.

child + 925 viii. Mary Margaret Gorby was born March 22, 1878.

child 926 ix. John S. Gorby was born in Wetzel Co, WV. October 6, 1879. John died December 28, 1944 at 65 years of age. His body was interred. Buried at Cochran Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV. He married Lou Sturge.

Lou was born February 29, 1888. Her body was interred. Buried at Cochran Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV.

John resided :. In 1936, Reader, WV. Ref: WC 1880 Census Ref: BLC1 Ref: CEN1880-8.16.99 - Age 8/12.

child + 927 x. Rebecca Ellen Gorby was born May 7, 1887.

child + 928 xi. Christine Gorby was born May 28, 1892.

child + 929 xii. Belva Gorby was born October 1, 1895.

child 930 xiii. Roxie Lee Gorby was born January 1899. Roxie died September 27, 1899 at less than one year of age. Her body was interred. Buried at Long Cemetery, Wetzel Co, WV.

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