871. Alpha6 Gorby (Marion5, John Ryan4, Eli3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born June 4, 1876.

He married twice. He married Gertrude Hicks. He married Dorcas Crane 1897. Dorcas was born July 18, 1878. Dorcas was the daughter of James K. Crane and Sarah E King. Dorcas died April 4, 1908 at 29 years of age. Ref: TLG1 2.24.98

Alpha resided :. In 1936, Rockbridge, OH.

Alpha Gorby and Dorcas Crane had the following children:

child + 2040 i. Virgil Harrison7 Gorby was born March 28, 1900.

child 2041 ii. Verna Dorcas Gorby was born in Wileyville, WV. 1902. Verna resided :. In 1978, Circleville, OH.

child + 2042 iii. Lodes Mark Gorby was born 1904.

child 2043 iv. Sarah Grattes Gorby was born in Wileyville, WV. 1906. She married Henry King.

Sarah resided :. In 1936, Rte 1, Athens, OH.

child 2044 v. Austa Letha Gorby was born in Wileyville, WV. 1908. Austa resided :. In 1936, Lancaster, OH.

Alpha Gorby and Gertrude Hicks had the following children:

child 2045 vi. Carl Gorby was born 1915.

child 2046 vii. Orville Gorby was born 1917.

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