378. Daniel L5 Gorby (Pardon A C4, Jesse3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born May 20, 1861. Daniel died July 12, 1934 at 73 years of age.

He married Mary Jane Gorby 1894. Mary was born in WV. June 9, 1875. Mary was the daughter of Alpheus Gorby and Malinda McHenry. Mary died April 17, 1963 at 87 years of age. Ref: CEN1880-8.16.99 - Age 5, born WV.

Daniel's occupation:. Farmer near Littleton, WV. (1936) Says he was born 1861. (1978) Says he was born 1869.

Daniel L Gorby was the grandson of Jesse Gorby, brother of Mary Jane Gorby's great-grandfather Eli Gorby.

(1936) Daniel Gorby was a farmer near Littleton, VW.

Daniel L Gorby and Mary Jane Gorby had the following children:

child + 1307 i. Nora6 Gorby.

child + 1308 ii. Margaret Gorby.

child 1309 iii. Fred Gorby. Fred resided :. Littleton, WV.

child 1310 iv. Pauline Gorby. She married Charles F Barnard.

child 1311 v. George Gorby.

child + 1312 vi. Hazel Gorby was born 1895.

child + 1313 vii. Cleo Gorby was born 1897.

child + 1314 viii. Isaac Gorby was born July 4, 1897.

child + 1315 ix. Nellie Gorby was born 1898.

child + 1316 x. Frank Gorby was born 1900.

child + 1317 xi. Price A Gorby was born September 7, 1907.

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