198. Melissa5 Jordan (Nancy4 Gorby, Job3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born July 25, 1854.

She married twice. She married David Blazier. David was born 1825. David died 1891 at 66 years of age. She married ? Dunn.

Melissa resided :. In 1936, Rte 1, Box 10, Deshler, OH. Mellissa Jordan was the only grandchild of Job and Hanna (Richmond) Gorby still living in 1936.

(1936) After marrying David Blazier, they moved up near Deshler, OH, when that part of the state was almost entirely swamp land. She has watched the reclamation of that land, water being drained away through the great ditches along the now well kept highways, and she thoroughly enjoys driving over those highways to see the great fields of wonderful crops - roads, fields, buildings well kept. Truly she experienced the pioneer days of that part of Ohio.

"Aunt Melissa" has an exceptionally bright mind, has been a wide reader and is especially fond of poetry, all her life committing her favorite poems and is still doing it. When she was 80 years of age she gave a most beautiful reading of Tennyson's "Crossing the Bar" at a Gorby reunion in Hancock Co, OH. She is alert, young in spirit, and of a genial, gentle, lovable disposition, loved by everyone.

After David Blazier's death she married a Mr Dunn, now dead. Job Gorby had in all about 60 grandchildren.

Melissa Jordan and David Blazier had the following children:

child 840 i. Bertha6 Blazier was born 1876. She married Solomon Swineheart. Solomon's occupation:. Farmer, traveler and interesting talker of places he has seen. (1936) Bertha Blazier is interested in their farm, her home, church and farmer's institutes in their locality.

child + 841 ii. George Jordan Blazier was born June 8, 1885.

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