188. Joseph Garrison5 Gorby (David4, Job3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in OH. May 16, 1854. Joseph died June 6, 1896 in Rosby's Rock, Marshall Co, WV., at 42 years of age.

He married Mary Elizabeth Hicks BEF. 1879. Mary was born in OH. August 20, 1859. Mary died March 3, 1934 at 74 years of age. Ref: CEN1880 (1936) Joseph Garrison Gorby was a lumberman and millwright, owning and operating his own mill, with his own teams hauling the logs to the mill and the lumber to the market or to be shipped. He would take large contracts, or buy large tracts of timber, his men cutting the logs and with both oxen and horses hauling the logs to the mill.

They were living at Rosby's Rock, Marshall Co, WV during one of the big floods. Their house was near the river and when danger came they tied the house to two large trees near it, but the raging waters took both trees and the house. Near the time of his death there was a heavy cloudburst which washed away their well started garden, but they replanted and when the second garden had a good start, a second cloudburst came and washed away that garden.

Waters rose to the danger point this time and his wife sent all the children to the hills, but Joseph Gorby could not be moved. She stayed alone with him. He died, and they all remember the desolate funeral with the grounds all littered with the debris from the flood.

Joseph Gorby was one of the large Gorbys, over six feet and well built. He loved music and played the accordion, flute and harmonica.

Ref: CEN1880 - Living in Blue Rock Twp, Muskingum Co, OH.

Joseph Garrison Gorby and Mary Elizabeth Hicks had the following children:

child + 811 i. Carrie Maudaline6 Gorby.

child + 812 ii. Cora Burtalena Gorby.

child + 813 iii. William David Gorby.

child 814 iv. Minnie Viola Gorby was born in OH.. She married twice. She married George Tegarden. She married Ernest Mott.

Minnie resided :. In 1936, Warren, OH.

Minnie's occupation:. Owns and operates a beauty parlor at Warren, OH.

child 815 v. Hattie Melissa Gorby was born in OH. May 30, 1879. Hattie died November 12, 1896 at 17 years of age. (1936) Hattie Melissa Gorby died of diphtheria at the age of 17. She had just received her first certificate to teach.

Ref: CEN1880 - Only child listed living with her parents, age 1.

child + 816 vi. Joseph Mellville Gorby was born January 6, 1890.

child + 817 vii. Lewis Perle Gorby was born June 14, 1892.

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