158. Josephus5 Gorby (John4, Job3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in Fish Creek, Ohio Co, VA (now Marshall Co, WV). April 1823. Josephus died May 28, 1909 in Mansfield, OH., at 86 years of age.

He married twice. He married Catherine Knapp in Moundsville, WV., BEF. 1847. Catherine was born 1824. Catherine died 1864 in Bellaire, OH., at 40 years of age. He married Angeline Blankesrop 1868. Apparently Angeline (Merryman) Blankesrop was a widow when she married Josephus. (1936) When quite young Josephus Gorby lost his parents and two brothers and until grown he lived with his grandfather Job, and two uncles - David and Thomas. In a letter written not long before his death he mentions his great-grandmother Richmond. He said she lived with Job and Hannah (Richmond) Gorby after the death of John Richmond, and that he remembered her quite well as he lived there part of the time too.

He went with Job and the others to Noble Co, OH, near Hiramsburg, in 1816 and it was there that he obtained all of the "schooling" he ever had, in a small country school. But he was fortunate in having one unusually fine teacher - a Mr Irish, author of some textbooks used at the time. and Josephus secured a good foundation for the reading and studying he did at home all the rest of his life. He often spoke of the influence of this teacher on his own afterlife.

When past 20 years of age, Josephus went to Moundsville to clerk in James Burley's store, and while there met and married Catherine Knapp, born in 1824. In 1854 they moved to Bellaire, OH, where he went into the mercantile business. His wife died in 1864 and in 1868 he married Angeline (Merryman) Blankesrop, born 1840, died 1873.

While in Bellaire, Josephus Gorby was prominent in all community activities, a member of and a trustee of the Christian Church, a member of the Board of Education and the city council, a Republican, and active in the political life of the town and state. He was a prolific writer - questions of the day and political questions - for newspapers and magazines, one series on the Monroe Doctrine being of special note.

After retiring from active business in 1895 he went to Mansfield, OH to live with his daughter, Mary Belle (Gorby) Thornberry, and while there began working on the Gorby family tree. The data he collected has been of great value in compiling the material for this book (The Gorby Family, 1936). In his strongbox are a number of letters written before the use of envelopes, 1845 and 1846. The paper is folded, addressed on the outside, and sealed with wax on the back.

A quotation from a letter written by Sylvester Scott Gorby, (son of the Uncle Thomas with whom Josephus lived a part of the time when left an orphan) to Mrs Thornberry at the time of her father's death well describes Josephus Gorby. He says-

"Your Father was a most extraordinary man in many respects. He was an honorable, upright, and conscientious to a fault, and his information was wide and varied. He was one of the most interesting men with whom I ever came in contact.

His knowledge of men and things in general was very great, and his social, kind nature made him a most interesting companion. He was always ready to impart information on any subject to any one, and his easy, genial disposition made him a most agreeable friend and confidant. I loved him dearly and appreciated him greatly."

Josephus Gorby died in Mansfield, OH, on May 28, 1909, and is buried in Bellaire, OH.

For much of the data on the older generations of descendants of Ebenezer Gorby and his wife Prudence Parsons, we are indebted to Josephus Gorby, son of John, son of Job Gorby, including records up to 1909. He had a very complete list, furnished him, he said, by a granddaughter of Ebenezer, but he did not say which one. This included data on the family tree only.

Ref: CEN1880 - Listed as Joseph Gorby. Living at 238 Belmont, Bellaire, Pultney Twp, Belmont Co, OH. Daughters Mary, Emma, Ella and Julia lvining with him.

Ref: CEN1900 - Living with son-in-law Shanklin Thornberry at 160 Park Ave West, Mansfield, Richland Co, OH.

Ref: Ohio state gazetteer and business directory for 1860-61 by Hawes, George W. Page 65 mentions "Gorby J., dealer in dry goods, groceries, etc., Belmont."

Josephus Gorby and Angeline Blankesrop had the following children:

child 716 i. Eli6 Gorby was born AFT. 1871. Died in infancy.

child 717 ii. Alfred Gorby was born AFT. 1871. Died in infancy.

child + 718 iii. Julia Harmonia Gorby was born May 1871.

Josephus Gorby and Catherine Knapp had the following children:

child + 719 iv. John Banks Gorby was born July 29, 1847.

child + 720 v. William A Gorby was born February 20, 1849.

child 721 vi. Mary Belle Gorby was born in Marshall Co, WV. February 26, 1851. She married Shanklin Thornberry. Shanklin was born 1840. Shanklin died 1915 at 75 years of age. (1936) Mary Belle (Gorby) Thornberry moved with her parents to Bellaire, OH in 1854. She remembers the incident of the boat's landing and thinking it was a house on the water. She also remembers going to their first home and eating their first meal on one of their boxes of goods before their furniture was unpacked. Belle, as she was usually called, taught in Bellaire, OH for many years. One paper which she wrote for one of their associations was considered so especially fine that they asked permission to have it published in the Ohio State Journal.

After marrying Shanklin Thornberry, they moved to Mansfield, OH where she still lives at 260 Park Ave W. She is active, alive to answer all present day questions, is active in her club and church work, still writing papers, and helping with the Gorby history and tree. And at Christmas time, when almost 85 years of age, thought nothing of joining an automobile party to New Orleans and Florida, and that, too, on a very short notice, another proof that the Gorby clan is not weakening with the easier methods of living.

Ref: GWG1-7.9.99 - In 1872, Belle Gorby was the seventh grade teacher for the first year classes were held at the new Central School building. (from Bellaire Daily Leader newspaper - Mar 26, 1924.)

Children info: No children.

child + 722 vii. Hannah Virginia Gorby was born February 24, 1853.

child + 723 viii. Emma Gorby was born May 8, 1855.

child + 724 ix. Ida May Gorby was born March 5, 1858.

child + 725 x. Ella Benton Gorby was born October 7, 1861.

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