32. David4 Gorby (Job3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in On Wheeling Creek, Ohio Co, VA. June 15, 1810. David died May 12, 1887 in Near Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH., at 76 years of age. His body was interred. Buried at Methodist Church Cemetery, Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH.

He married twice. He married Mary Ann Mason. Mary is the daughter of Samuel B Mason. (1936) Martha Ann Mason was sister of Jacob Mason, who married David Gorby's sister Hannah.

He married Eliza Jane Hunter. Eliza was born January 27, 1823. Eliza died October 23, 1899 at 76 years of age. Her body was interred. Buried at Methodist Church Cemetery, Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH. Ref: GWG1-4.6.99 - Birth & death dates from tombstone. (1936) David Gorby was born on Wheeling Creek, Ohio Co, VA, near West Alexander, PA. He died on his farm near Hiramsburg, OH. His parents moved to this farm when he was six years old and he lived there nearly all his life. In 1860 he went to Illinois and took up a homestead near Bloomington, IL at $1.25 an acre. He returned to Ohio for his family, they started in a covered wagon, but Ft Sumter was fired upon and they returned to Hiramsburg until the "trouble should cease", and never reached Illinois.

David Gorby was a minister of the Free Methodist Congregation, and was a most interesting character, as he typifies the frontier preacher that played such a big part in the community life of the early days. He was well known throughout southeastern Ohio, where he preached in many communities for a number of years.

David Gorby, aside from his preaching, was a successful farmer. He owned 400 acres of fine ridge land near Hiramsburg and took great pride in fine blooded horses and other stock, this shown by the prizes he won at the Sarahsville, OH, Fair, September 24 and 25, 1857. According to the Noble Democrat of Oct 3, 1857, he won:

Second best thoroughbred Stallion, 4 years and upwards - $3.00, Best Native cow and calf - $2.00, Best pair dorkings - $1.00, Best pair turkeys - $1.00, Best pair ducks - $1.00.

He was also a millwright and developed mines of carbonate of iron ore and coal (See Volume X, page 490 of Catherine Fedorachek's "History of Noble Co" by L M Watkins, Chicago, IL, 1887).

Mr Gorby was a very large man, 6 ft 4 in tall, heavy, and very strong, often called "Big Dave".

The following obituary was printed in the Caldwell Journal of May 19, 1887:

"Rev David Gorby died on last Thursday morning near Hiramsburg, OH, age 76 years, and on the day following appropriate funeral ceremonies were held, conducted by the Rev Piggott of Cumberland, at the conclusion of which his remains were followed to the cemetery near his residence by a large concourse of relatives and friends.

Mr Gorby was born on Wheeling Creek, Ohio Co, VA, but came to Ohio with his parents when six years of age, and spent most of his life on the farm on which he died. He was one of the founders of the Free Methodist Congregation and the first member of the congregation near his home known as Union Chapel. He was ordained as a minister and preached many years.

Except the time passed in the ministry, his life was spent in farming and stock raising. He was twice married and raised a large family of children, nine of whom survive him. As well as one of the oldest, he was one of the best known citizens in the county, and few persons will leave behind them a greater number of sincere mourners as Father Gorby."

The farm on which David Gorby lived was the one on which his father, Job Gorby, settled September 23, 1816. He built his home on a different part of the farm from where his father had lived. The last house he built, a two-story red brick, still stands, but the farm is now owned by strangers.

From the History of Noble Co, OH , Watkins, 1887: p 490 - [Noble Twp] Rev. David Gorby was born in Ohio County, W. Va., in 1818 and has resided in Noble County since his parents settled here in 1824. His maternal grandfather took part in the Revolutionary War, and afterward assisted in suppressing the "whisky insurrection" in Pennsylvania. Mr. Gorby is a farmer, millwright, and minister of the Free Methodist church. He has recently been engaged in developing a fine mine of carbonate iron ore, which with coal, render his land valuable. He married, first, Mary Mason, and second, Eliza N. Hunter. p 320-1 - [Olive Twp] As a specimen of the manner in which some of the pioneers did business, the following contract between Samuel Caldwell and David Gorby, for the construction of a sawmill, is presented. The document, however shaky its orthography may appear in these days, was sufficiently strong and binding: "An article of an agreement made and entered Into by David Gorby of the first part of Noble Township Morgan County Ohio & Samuel Caldwell of the Second part of Olive Township & County & State aforesaid. The Sd Gordy doath on his part agree to build the sd Caldwell A sow Mill and grist mill forebay he is To take the timber from the Stump The timber is to be got out in first rate Stile, The poasts of the Lower part of the Mill to be 12 by 12 inches Squair, he is to Fraim the Mill & put in the running Geers in first rate workmen Like manner He further agrees to make a mill that will Saw as fast as anny other man can with the Same head of or if he dont he is to Have nothing for dowing Sd work, the Sd gorby is to have the timber hewed by the 25th of June next & the mill Fraimed by the first day of August next And The mill redy to Saw by the first of Nov. Next "the Sd Caldwell doath on his part agree to Pay The Sd gorby one hundred Dollars As soon as the Mill performs as he has Agreed to make her perform the Sd Caldwell is to do all the hawling & to Furnish Plank for The forebay and other uses about the mill allso brases, 2 Shute Pieces timpber for Saw gate We have boath hereunto set our Hand and Seals this 9 of May A D 1836 David Gorby (Seal) Samuel Caldwell (Seal) Attest William Lanam." The mill was duly erected and "she performed" satisfactorily to the owner and the millwright.

Ref: GWG1-4.6.99 - Shares a single tombstone with wife Eliza and daughter Malissa.

David Gorby and Mary Ann Mason had the following children:

child 179 i. Henry5 Gorby.

Mortality info: Died at age 17.

child + 180 ii. Mason Gorby was born ABT. 1838.

child + 181 iii. Martha Jane Gorby was born April 14, 1835.

child + 182 iv. Mary Ann Gorby was born October 1841.

David Gorby and Eliza Jane Hunter had the following children:

child + 183 v. William David Gorby was born ABT. 1860.

child + 184 vi. Hannah M Gorby was born September 10, 1845.

child + 185 vii. John Richmond Gorby was born January 23, 1848.

child + 186 viii. Levi Hunter Gorby was born March 1, 1850.

child + 187 ix. Viola Gorby was born January 22, 1852.

child + 188 x. Joseph Garrison Gorby was born May 16, 1854.

child 189 xi. Malissa Gorby was born July 21, 1858. Malissa died December 8, 1878 at 20 years of age. Her body was interred. Buried at Methodist Church Cemetery, Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH. Ref: GWG1-4.6.99 - First name spelling from tombstone. Spelled incorrectly in the 1936 Gorby book as 'Melissa'.

child + 190 xii. Clark Gorby was born December 1865.

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