1459. Zoda Jane7 Kelly (Magdalena Millicent6 Stallsmith, Julia Ann5 Gorby, Jonathon4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born November 25, 1891.

She married George Richard Greenbank. George was born August 27, 1892. George's education:. In 1918, Graduated from Ohio State Univ.

George's Military Service:. Served in WWI. (1936) For several years George Richard Greenbank has been a governmental research chemist in the chemical department dealing with daily products in Washington, DC, quite an important position. Marriage info: He was married in his uniform.

Zoda resided :. In 1936, 632 24th St S, Alexandria, VA. (1936) About 1910, Zoda Jane (Kelly) Greenbank graduated from Rawson High School. Her parents moved to Columbus, OH, and she graduated from Ohio State University in Home Economics.

Zoda Jane Kelly and George Richard Greenbank had the following children:

child 2781 i. Richard8 Greenbank was born April 23, 1924.

child 2782 ii. Thomas Greenbank was born August 8, 1925.

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