15. John G3 Gorby (Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in Washington Co, PA. May 25, 1792. John died February 19, 1848 at 55 years of age. His body was interred. Bowman Ridge M E Church cemetery, Marshall Co, WV.

He married Elizabeth Barnett ABT. 1813. Elizabeth was born in On ship coming to America from May 9, 1793. Elizabeth died May 4, 1873 in Marshall, WV., at 79 years of age. Her body was interred. Bowman Ridge M E Church cemetery, Marshall Co, WV. (1936) Elizabeth Barnett was born May 9 or 13, 1793. The Barnetts came from Ireland and settled in Greene Co, PA. Elizabeth was born on the ocean as they were coming to America, and lived in Greene Co until her marriage. (1936) John G Gorby was probably born in Washington Co, PA, as his father bought land in that county in 1788 and did not move to Greene Co, PA until later in the 1790s. The last record of Thomas Gorby in Greene Co is in 1802, so sometime after that John moved with his parents to Ohio Co, VA. Later he must have returned to Pennsylvania, for he served in the War of 1812 from that state.

About 1813 he married Elizabeth "Betsy" Barnett. On August 23, 1813, a marriage license was issued in Washington Co, PA to a John Gorby and Elizabeth Hirson. The wedding took place at West Alexander, and is recorded in an old Squire's book, now owned by the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Washington, PA. In changing records there may have been a mistake in copying the name. The only other explanation would be that this John Gorby was Joseph's son John, but there is no record of his ever having been in Pennsylvania with his father.

Later John G Gorby moved to Ohio Co, VA, where, after the death of his father, he managed the "plantation and the mill" which his father willed him, later selling it, and in 1835 be bought 200 acres of land from the man having the original patent - a Mr Wood. This land is about 10 miles out of Moundsville, WV, on Bowman Ridge and on Little Graves Creek, near Rosby's Rock, Marshall Co, WV.

The first religious society in this community was formed at John Gorby's home and church services were held there until a church was built. He donated a part of the farm to the society for a church and burial ground. This is now known as the Bowman Ridge M E Church. E G Gorby, a grandson of John, has been a trustee of this church for 45 years. There is also mention of John Gorby's name on a church committee while living in Pennsylvania.

John willed his farm to his wife for her lifetime, then his son Ezekiel bought out the other heirs. The farm is now owned by Ezekiel Grant Gorby and heirs of his brother, William Porter Sheridan Gorby, Grant is living on it. The original "plantation" mentioned in Thomas Gorby's will has not yet been located.

John G Gorby died February 19, 1848 (one date is given as December 23). He and his wife are buried in the Bowman Ridge M E Church Cemetery, which they donated to the church.

John G Gorby and Elizabeth Barnett had the following children:

child 84 i. Rebecca4 Gorby. She married Elijah Holmes in Marshall Co, WV., February 29, 1848.

Rebecca resided :. Moved to Ravenna, MO after marriage, no further record.

child 85 ii. Nancy Gorby was born ABT. 1831. She married Wiliam B Frances.

Nancy resided :. Moved to Topeka, KS after marriage, no further record. Ref: CEN1850-7.23.99 - Only child living with her mother on this census.

child 86 iii. Luke Gorby. (1936) Luke Gorby was listed in the records of Josephus Gorby, but no other record of Luke has been found.

child + 87 iv. Lucinda Gorby was born December 28, 1815.

child + 88 v. Thomas Gorby was born June 19, 1816.

child 89 vi. Eleanor Gorby was born 1818. Eleanor died January 16, 1845 at 26 years of age. Her body was interred. Forkridge Cemetery, Marshall Co, WV. She married George Washington Evans Sr in Marshall Co, WV., 1841.

George was born in Marshall Co, WV. April 3, 1817. George died January 29, 1891 at 73 years of age. Listed in the "Marshall Co Marriages 1835-1918", book 1, page 36.

Ref: JC1

child + 90 vii. Jesse J Gorby was born 1821.

child + 91 viii. Martha Gorby was born July 5, 1822.

child + 92 ix. Ezekial Gorby was born March 25, 1825.

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