5370. Marilyn Louise10 Gorby (Charles Milan9, Charles Frederick8, Samuel T7, Alfred P6, Joseph5, Samuel George4, Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born in Marion, Marion Co, OH. October 20, 1934.

She married three times. She married Tom Irvin Morton in Marion Co, OH., February 7, 1953. Tom was born July 31, 1934. Tom is the son of Allan Morton and Hazel ?. Ref: CMG1,BK07

She married Eldon Bowers in IN., October 24, 1961. Eldon was born August 9, 1930. Eldon is the son of Ray Bowers and Thelma ?. Ref: CMG1

She married Don Norman Painter in Largo, FL., December 23, 1970. Don was born in Bellefountaine, OH. June 25, 1940. Ref: CMG1,BK07

Marilyn resided :. In 1997, Orlando, FL. Tom Morton was 1st husband. Eldon Bowers was 2nd husband. Don Painter was 3rd husband.

No children by Don Painter, but Marilyn's sons had a legal name change done in the state of Florida so they are all Painters now.

Ref: CMG1, RAG1,BK07

Marilyn Louise Gorby and Tom Irvin Morton had the following children:

child + 6016 i. Richard Allen11 Painter was born August 20, 1953.

child + 6017 ii. Grady Dale Painter was born October 5, 1955.

child + 6018 iii. Deborah Rene Painter was born March 26, 1957.

child 6019 iv. Bret Thomas Painter was born in Marion, Marion Co, OH. September 8, 1958. He married twice. He married Deborah Lani Savage in Redlands, CA., December 17, 1977. Deborah was born June 2, 1956. Ref: CMG1

He married Deidre Elizabeth Mandel in Eustis, FL., November 25, 1989. Ref: BK07 Name changed in state of Florida from Morton to Painter, but was not adopted by Don Painter.

Ref: CMG1,RAP1,BK07

child + 6020 v. Janiece Louise Painter was born December 5, 1959.

Marilyn Louise Gorby and Eldon Bowers had the following child:

child + 6021 vi. Annette Louise Painter was born March 18, 1962.

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