Third Generation

5. Joseph3 Gorby (Joseph2, Samuel1) was born 1749. Joseph died BET. 1820-1829.

He married Hannah Stilley in Holy Trinity (Old Swede's Chur, Wilmington, DE., December 20, 1770. Hannah was born ABT. 1746. Hannah was the daughter of Jonathon StilleStilley and Magdalena Vandever. Hannah died BET. 1841-1849. Ref: DM1 - A 1764 census of Old Swede's Church states that Jonathan and Magdalena Stilley had a daughter Hannah who was about 18.

Ref: CEN1830 - Living in Brandywine Hundred, DE is the family of Joseph Gorby listed with one female age 80-90. This is most likely Hannah Stilley Gorby as she would have been about 84 years of age at the time of this census.

(1997) Hannah Stilley Gorby did live long enough for a photograph to be taken of her which was in the possession of Lewis Vernon Justison in the 1930s and which appeared in the 1936 Gorby Book. The Daguerreotype Process for taking photographs was not made public until 1840, so for a photograph of her to exist, she must have lived past 1840 into her 90s.

Through her mother Magdalena Vandever, Hannah is a great-great-grandaughter of Dr. Timen Stiddem (b. ca 1610, probably in Hammel, Denmark & d. 1686, Wilmington, DE), the barger/surgeon who sailed with the first Swedish immigrants to America. (1936) Joseph Gorby was married, but the name of his wife is not known. He is listed in the Delaware Militia in 1800 and 1809. Nothing further is known of him except the name of one son - Joseph Richard, evidently named for his father or himself and for his brother Richard. This leads one to think that Richard must have been an own brother, therefore a son of Mary Loan.

(1999) Based on DE Census data, this is the Joseph Gorby who married Hannah Stilley. The Joseph Gorby listed in the Delaware Militia would be his and Hannah's son Joseph.

From "Reconstructed Delaware State Census 1782" by Harold B Hancock, in Brandywine Hundred Newcastle Co, DE, listed October 20, 1782: Joseph Gorby houshold - 1 Male over 18, 1 Female over 18, 3 Males under 18, 1 Female under 18.

Ref: CEN1800 - Joseph Gorby living in Brandywine Hundred, DE. Living in his household is one male less than 10 years of age, one male age 10-16, three males age 16-25, one male age 45+, two females age 10-16, one female age 45+. This indicates one son born after 1790 (Joseph Richard), one son born between 1783-1790

Ref: CEN1810 - Living in Brandywine Hundred, DE are five families of Gorbys. There are Joseph Sr, Samuel, Joseph, John and Jonathon. Joseph Sr is the only one listed as 45+ years old. The other Gorbys are all listed as being 26-44 in age. If accurate, that would mean that none were born prior to 1766 and all are probably sons of Hannah Stilley. The Joseph Sr listing contains one male age 16-25, one male age 45+, one female age less than 10, one female age 26-44 and one female age 45+. The Joseph listing contains one male 26-44, three females under age 10, one female age 26-44.

Ref: CEN1820 - Living in Brandywine Hundred, DE is the family of Joseph Gorby with only one male and one female age 45+ as members. A second Joseph Gorby family is listed with two males under age 10, one male age 10-15, one male age 26-44, one female age 10-15 and one female age 16-25.

Joseph Gorby and Hannah Stilley had the following children:

child + 16 i. Jonathon4 Gorby was born AFT. 1782.

child + 17 ii. Joseph Gorby was born BEF. 1790.

child 18 iii. John Gorby was born BEF. 1784. John died 1837. He married Isabella ?. Isabella was born BEF. 1784. Ref: GWG1-7.16.99 - Isabella is named in John Gorby's will and probate records. The last name is spelled 'Gorby' by John and 'Gorbey' by Isabella.

John's Military Service:. In 1809, Member of Delaware State Militia. (1936) It has not been learned if whether John Gorby was the son of Mary Loan, or of Hannah Stilley. (1999) John was a son of Hannah Stilley and Joseph generation III.

Parmelia Gorby Hawk, granddaughter of Samuel, son of Joseph, mentions him as brother of Samuel, and he is listed in the Delaware archives as being a member of the State Militia, 1809, together with his brothers Samuel and Joseph. Nothing further is known of him.

However, in Washington Co, PA, there is listed the marriage of one John Gorby, to Elizabeth Hirson on August 23, 1813. This was recorded in an old Squire's book from West Alexander. Another John Gorby, son of II-Thomas, was married in that county in 1813, but to Elizabeth Barnett. Whether there has been a mistake in transcribing the name, or whether it could have been John, son of II-Joseph, has not yet been discovered. Joseph had been in Washington Co and bought 400 acres of land, which he immediately sold to his nephew Job Gorby, and returned to Delaware. So his son John might have been in that county later, and married there.

(1997) From "History of Chester County, Pennsylvania with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches" by Futhey & Cope: p 126 - There is a John Gorby listed which is in the history section. On that page are Muster Rolls for 1812 & 1814.

Ref: CEN1810 - Living in Brandywine Hundred, DE. Listed is one male age 26-44 and one female age 26-44.

Ref: GWG1-7.16.99 - John Gorby's will was written by him on July 25, 1837 and was registered in New Castle September 23, 1837. Winesses to his signing were Owens Zebley and Thomas W Zebley. In the will he left the balance of his estate to his wife Isabella. The probate documents spell his name alternately 'Gorby' and 'Gorbey'.

child + 19 iv. Samuel George Gorby was born March 10, 1779.

child 20 v. Mary Gorby was born in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, DE. 1780. (1934) The only place where mention of Mary Gorby has been made was in the records of Parmelia Gorby Hawk. Mrs Hawk had collected much data concerning her Grandfather's (Samuel George Gorby) family, and with a list of his brothers and sisters she gave Mary as born in 1780, thus placing her between Samuel and Lena.

child + 21 vi. Lenah Gorby was born April 16, 1787.

child + 22 vii. Richard Gorby was born 1792.

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