14. Jesse3 Gorby (Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in Washington Co, PA. 1789.

He married Anna Wade. Ref: TLG1 from GEDCOM file of Claude R Burton (has first name as Anna). (1936) Jesse Gorby was born in Washington Co, PA, in1789, as records show that his father, Thomas Gorby, bought land in that county in 1788. Jesse moved with his parents to Ohio Co, VA, some time after 1802. He married a Miss Wade, her first name has not been learned. He resided at Bellton, now Marshall Co, WV, where he conducted a successful farming and milling business.

Jesse lived about three miles from his brother, Eli, who was buried in an old cemetery, once called Gorby Cemetery, at the mouth of Rocky Run on Fish Creek, so he is probably buried there too.

Four of Jesse Gorby's sons also married girls named Wade. Seldom, if ever, have a father and four sons married wives of the same name.

Jesse Gorby's great-granddaughter Mary Jane Gorby married Daniel L Gorby a grandson of his brother Eli Gorby.

Ref: CEN1850-7.23.99 - On this census, granddaughter Melissa Gorby was living with the family.

Jesse Gorby and Anna Wade had the following children:

child 77 i. Eliza4 Gorby. Eliza died 1900.

Marriage info: Never married.

child 78 ii. Henry Gorby. He married Hannah Lahew.

child + 79 iii. John Gorby was born 1817.

child + 80 iv. Thomas Wilson Gorby was born 1819.

child + 81 v. Pardon A C Gorby was born 1820.

child + 82 vi. Dennis Gorby was born 1831.

child + 83 vii. David Gorby was born 1840.

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