7. Job3 Gorby (Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in Chester Co, PA. ABT. 1760. Job died 1841 in Hiramsburg, OH..

He married Hannah Richmond in Washington Co, PA., BEF. 1793. Hannah was born in Lancaster, York Co, PA. June 3, 1776. Hannah was the daughter of John Richmond and Hannah Smith. Hannah died 1856 in Hiramsburg, OH., at 80 years of age. Ref: KH1 - Hannah Richmond was baptised September 11, 1779 in the Trinity Lutheran Church in York County, as per church record. This source believes she is buried at the Salem Methodist Church in Washington, PA on the Majorsville Rd with the rest of the old family. (1936) Job Gorby was the eldest child of Thomas and Elizabeth (Allman) Gorby. He was born between 1760 and 1770, probably in Chester Co, PA, evidently several years older than the next child. The census records of 1790 lists him as one of the "males over 16" in Thomas Gorby's family.

Records show him in Westmoreland Co, PA in 1783, in Fayette Co, PA in 1785, in Washington Co, PA in 1788, and in Greene Co, PA in 1798. Sometime later he moved to Ohio Co, then Virginia, and his homestead is still standing in or near Majorsville, WV, near the Greene Co, PA line.

Courthouse records show Job Gorby owning land in Washington Co and Greene Co, PA, in Ohio Co, VA, and in Noble Co, OH. According to these records, he did much buying and selling of land. There are records of a few forced sales. As late as 1815 he was still owning land in Washington Co and Greene Co, PA, but had moved to VA before 1804, as his son Thomas was born in VA in 1804.

On September 23, 1816, he settled on a farm near Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH, where he lived until his death. On September 23 and 24, 1916, a reunion of his descendants was held on this farm, celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of his settling there. Over three hundred descendants attended.

The home which Job Gorby built on this farm is not standing, but at his death his son David bought the farm, and the red brick house which he built is still standing. The farm is now owned by strangers.

Some time before 1793, Job Gorby married Hanna Richmond. At the time of their marriage, her family lived in Washington Co, PA, not far from West Alexander.

According to some of the older Gorbys of the fourth and fifth generations, Job Gorby served as a scout in the War of 1812 and he is listed as a member of the Frontier Rangers from Washington Co, PA in 1792.

Job Gorby and Hannah (Richmond) Gorby are both buried in an old cemetery on top of a hill near Coal Ridge, OH, on the Cambridge-Marietta highway.

Three of Job Gorby's great-grandsons, through Hannah (Gorby) Mason, married three of his sister Hannah (Gorby) Parson's great-granddaughters: Robert Spencer Lee McKimmie m. Isadore Parsons, Webster McKimmie m. Henrietta Parsons and John McKimmie m. Margaret Jane Parsons.

Ref: VST1 - From book Westward of Ye Laurall Hills, 1750-1850 by Helen Voght. In August 1794, surveyor John Hoge wrote a receipt to Job Gorby for his "setting of 50 pannels post and rail fence."

Job Gorby and Hannah Richmond had the following children:

child 23 i. Eli4 Gorby was born 1794. Eli died ABT. 1795.

Sibling info: Twin of Levi Gorby. Mortality info: Died in infancy.

child 24 ii. Levi Gorby was born 1794. Levi died ABT. 1795.

Sibling info: Twin of Eli Gorby. Mortality info: Died in infancy.

child + 25 iii. Elizabeth Gorby was born 1796.

child + 26 iv. Hannah Gorby was born 1798.

child + 27 v. Eli Gorby was born October 20, 1800.

child + 28 vi. John Gorby was born 1802.

child + 29 vii. Thomas Gorby was born October 6, 1804.

child + 30 viii. Levi Gorby was born 1806.

child + 31 ix. Martha Gorby was born June 30, 1808.

child + 32 x. David Gorby was born June 15, 1810.

child + 33 xi. Nancy Gorby was born October 23, 1812.

child + 34 xii. Rachel Gorby was born June 21, 1815.

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