19. Samuel George4 Gorby (Joseph3, Joseph2, Samuel1) was born in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware. March 10, 1779. Samuel died June 10, 1853 in Columbiana Co, OH., at 74 years of age.

He married Ann Pierce November 7, 1805. Ann was born in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware. June 7, 1790. Ann was the daughter of Joseph Pierce (Miller) and Hannah ?. Ann died June 15, 1873 in Columbiana Co, OH., at 83 years of age. (1936) Ann Pierce was the sister of the Joseph Pierce who married her husband Samuel's sister Lena Gorby. Evidently they lived in the same locality in Delaware, for there are still members of the Pierce family in that county.

Ref: BK11 - Ann (Pierce) Gorby is buried in Anchor Valley Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbiana Co, OH. (1936) Samuel George Gorby married Ann Pierce on November 7, 1805. This version states that he was 16 and she was 15, however it also states that he was born in 1779 and she in 1790, making them 26 and 15.

Samuel did not move to Columbiana Co, OH until after 1809, as he is listed in the Delaware State Militia in 1800 and 1809. There is also an old buckskin deed showing that he purchased land in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle Co, DE in 1806. So at least two of his sons were born there in 1807 and 1808.

Samuel Gorby bought land in Section 3 of Columbiana Co, OH, the adjoining land being bought by George Justison whose son married Lena (Gorby) Pierce's daughter - Lena Pierce. These farms were near Negley, OH, on Diagonal Road between Beaver Falls and Cleveland.

As well as being a good farmer, Samuel was a splendid stone-mason, building many houses in that locality, some of them still standing and in good condition. Because of this he is often spoken of as Samuel, the Stonemason, or more familiarly as "Stonemason Sam".

After settling his own family in Columbiana Co, he returned to Delaware and took his younger brother Jonathon and family to Ohio with him, and gave Jonathon 60 acres of land to aid him in his start in a new country.

He and his wife had 14 children, all but the first and ninth living to marry and have homes and children of their own. Several grandchildren are still living.

(1978) Many Gorbys and Justisons are buried in Anchor Cemetery.

Ref: BK11 - Samuel Gorby is buried in Anchor Valley Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbiana Co, OH.

Ref: CZF1 - On the 1850 Census of Middletown, Columbiana Co, OH, on Page 178, there is listed Sam'l Gorby, age 71, a farmer, born in DE, and his wife Ann, age 61, also born in DE. In their household there was a male child, age 25, named looked to be Pierce, a son Sam'l age 20, and a daughter Elizabeth age 4, all children born in OH.

The Family Bible once belonging to his son Joseph, stated that Joseph was born March 2, 1811 in DE and that the family moved to Columbiana Co, OH in the (fall?) of 1811.

Ref: CEN1810 - Living in Brandywine Hundred, DE. Listed is two males age less than 10, one male age 10-15, one male age 26-44, one female age 16-25.

Samuel George Gorby and Ann Pierce had the following children:

child 105 i. Samuel Jurden5 Gorby was born in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle Co, DE. August 4, 1807. Samuel died July 29, 1811 in Columbiana, Co, OH., at 3 years of age.

Mortality info: Died in infancy.

child + 106 ii. Jacob Gorby was born September 29, 1808.

child + 107 iii. Joseph Gorby was born March 2, 1811.

child + 108 iv. Hanna Gorby was born July 9, 1813.

child + 109 v. John Gorby was born June 11, 1816.

child + 110 vi. Benjamin Gorby was born May 7, 1818.

child + 111 vii. Mary Ann Gorby was born November 28, 1820.

child + 112 viii. Henry Gorby was born August 29, 1821.

child 113 ix. Elizabeth Ann Gorby was born October 29, 1822. Elizabeth died July 20, 1850 in Columbiana Co, OH., at 27 years of age. Her body was interred. Buried in Unity Brick Church Cemetery, Columbiana Co, OH. She married H F Sheets. Ref: BK11 Ref: BK11

Mortality info: Died in young womanhood.

child + 114 x. Peter Gorby was born July 3, 1823.

child + 115 xi. Pierce Gorby was born January 9, 1825.

child + 116 xii. William D Gorby was born February 26, 1827.

child 117 xiii. Margaret Gorby was born October 29, 1828. Margaret died July 10, 1850 at 21 years of age. She married Benjamin Sheets. (1936) On one list of Samuel Gorby's children, Margaret was listed as Eliza Ann.

child + 118 xiv. Samuel Stilley Gorby was born December 3, 1830.

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