Gorbys Not Part of Our Family

This page is a list of Gorbys from all over the world that are NOT members of our family.
Warning: Some of these Gorbys are just plain fun.

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horizontal rule Mikhail "Gorby" Gorbachev, ex-President of the Soviet Union. Look, it's just a nickname! OK?

horizontal rule Sarah Gorby, singer. Album Songs of the Ghetto, sung in yiddish. Born Sarah Gorbevitch about 1900 in Kishinev, Moldavia (Rumania).

horizontal rule Gregory Gorby, lived in Cincinnati, OH. Stated his family emmigrated from Russia to Canada, then from Canada to California. They anglicized their name during this process. It was originally Gorbovitsky.

horizontal rule J Gorby, lived in Los Angeles, CA in the 1930s. Stated he had emmigrated from Poland. After settling in America he decided, for various reasons, to change his name which was originally Gorbolisky.

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Other Gorbys

horizontal rule Be careful when visiting the area of Banff, Canada if your name is Gorby or you might get your feelings hurt. There the "locals" often refer to particularly clueless tourists as Gorbys.

horizontal rule From the area of New Brunswick, Canada, there is a place called Gorby Gulch. When we inquired about the origin of the name, we were told that "The name gorby is used often to denote a type of jaybird that is frequently seen scrounging around campsites. It's not derogatory, a gorby is a good-lookin' bird."

horizontal rule In Sweden, we have been told that "They are making a damn good quick snack called 'Gorby's'."

horizontal rule For the programmers out there, we have also learned that Gorby is a small, powerful, stack-based scripting language that currently has been ported only to Linux. It was written by Geoffrey Hamilton.

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