The Gorby Family History and Genealogy

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US Descendants of Samuel Gorby

b ca1700 in England

Canadian & Irish Descendants of Joseph Gorby

b ca1800 in Ireland

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The information on these web pages and in the downloadable GEDCOM files are protected by US copyright laws and may be copied by members of the Gorby Family and their descendants exclusively.

Under NO circumstances may any portion of these web pages or GEDCOM files be uploaded or transmitted to any commercial genealogical service or to anyone who would supply this information to others for a fee.

Permission is granted anyone to provide a link to this site.

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About this Web Site

We have realized that there may be dozens of people out there researching the surname 'Gorby' and repeating each other's work over and over simply because there has been no place for them to share information. We also realize that there have been several attempts at publishing a Gorby Family book, some a periodic basis with updated information, have it printed by a printer, then find enough people to pay for a copy to make it economically feasible. Out of these twin realizations has come the Gorby Family Web Site.

It is intended that this web site become the repository/clearinghouse for all information pertaining to the Gorby Family, their Spouses and Descendants. The domain name has also been registered with the intent of using it to host this site in the future, as well as protect the family name from outside commercial interests.

With the addition of the Canadian-Irish web pages, this web site has taken on the task of uniting all Gorbys (and Gorbeys as they spell it in New Zealand) across the world into one single family tree. We are currently working with family members or have made inquiries to Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Taiwan and New Zealand as well as in the United States to accomplish th is goal.

At this date we do not yet know how the family tree of the US Gorbys ties to the family tree of the Gorbys from Ireland and Canada. Resolving this question is one of our priorites, and along that line we have requested whatever lineage information is available on the Gorby Family from the College of Arms in London, England. But that there is a connection we have no doubt, and we are constantly working to solve that puzzle.

Information on the US Gorby web site is maintained by Graydon Gorby,, 11th generation US.
Information on the Canadian-Irish Gorby web site is maintained by Terry Lee Gorby,, 9th generation US.

Thanks for "surfin' in".
Graydon William Gorby
Terry Lee Gorby

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There have been recent mailings to Gorby Family members in the US by a company known as Halbert's, 3687 Ira Rd, Bath, OH. This company claims to be marketing a "New World Book of Gorbys" with Gorby information compled from several different countries, or a "Limited Edition" Gorby Family Book with family information from 1800-1997, and that it is a source of valuable information. We strongly recomend that you do NOT do business with this company. They have a history making misleading statements about the nature of the information included in their books. This is NOT a book specifically about our family.

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 US Descendants of Samuel Gorby - b ca1700 in England,  August 29, 1999

 Canadian & Irish Descendants of Joseph Gorby - b ca1800 in Ireland,  November 16, 1997

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